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For this year’s Fringe, .dash are previewing their sound and light infused theatrical piece And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out at the cutely tucked away theatre, The Warren, which required a few double checks on the map to find. Between the Churchill Square car park and Queens Road, The Warren opens into a beautiful little garden with lots of colour and vibrance about it and when the weather cleared up for a bit there was a nice vibe.

And Nothing Turns Inside Out is a creative exploration of physics and astronomy, sound and video play and dialogue and attraction through a love relationship. The whole performance is broken into splintered, almost independent sections exploring the stages and changes in nature and life.

The many different aspects of changing life and nature are described through a love relationship enacted by a couple, who, in turn, are commented upon by two other characters, giving voice and dialogue to most of the piece.

The play blended smoothly from section to section. I learnt a bit about stars – their attraction and collapse and their various different stages. I enjoyed the video projections of movement, filling the stage with spiralling reds and blues. The love story moved in an predictable monotonous tone, I found it hard to engage with the relationship’s attraction and then collapse. The props and stage settings were well thought out; there were toy trains and treadmills creating sounds and motion all of their own, but also alluding to the life stages so central to the theme. Body movement and dance were also thrown in to guide us through the relationship but they too seemed almost independent of the love story.

The voices were interesting and amusing; the contrast between one, with all the information, and the comic rambling – explaining nothing about everything – of the other. I often found myself smiling at the ramblings.

.dash used sound very well and the live music was a very loud and a welcome splinter of the overall piece. The music was experimental and often shook the play back into groove. And Nothing itself was very interesting; a bit ambitious, with too many splinters too loosely connected, but it could definitely evolve into a more balanced and more engaging viewing with time.

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Written by Ila Merhotra

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