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Published On May 25, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Archive

Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat got together in the hopes of creating a new sound; a pan-Mediterranean sound for a new era. By combining music from the Balkans, Israel, Spain, Northern Africa and more with modern electronic elements and techniques, “New Mediterraneo”, Balkan Beat Box’s signature sound, was born. The sound is unexpectedly fresh and exciting, with a combination of looped rhythms and stellar live musicianship.

The ‘B-B-B’ gig at Concorde 2 lived up to my high expectations and the rest of the people crammed into the venue seemed musically satiated after what they had experienced. Having only ever heard B-B-B on CD, never live, I expected many of their songs to include different collaborators on their multi-vocal, multi-rhythmed tracks, and therefore I thought I would catch only a glimpse of the B-B-B sound I know. To my surprise, the varying vocals were mostly produced by one man, Tomer Yosef, who could alter his voice from a laid-back reggae style to a guttural punk sound.

One of the reasons B-B-B has such a following is their particular anti-establishment, firebrand style of music. The music is politically emotive. In this band, although there is the lead vocalist, Tomer Yosef, there is no frontman. Instead, every member takes centre stage to passionately strum their guitar or to put their sweaty lips against the saxophone and blow.

This was highlighted on stage, with their charismatic energy on their popular track ‘political f***’, where each member showed what they thought about the greedy capitalist desires that runs amok in today’s society. The feeling of being part of a collective also resonates with us the fans, who felt their mixture of international sounds brought us together that night.
I really enjoyed myself and the special energy that B-B-B exude in every word and musical expression.

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Written by Ben Monro

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