Cool venues just in May! Today: Spiegel Garden

Published On May 14, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Archive

Whether you are going to watch La Clique or Michelangelo or any other show the Spiegeltent hosts, I recommend you go at least one hour before to grab some drinks and eat something in one of the many different places the Spiegel Garden has to offer. Even if you don’t have tickets for a show, just come along and soak up some festival vibes. It’s free!

Starting with Spade and Spoon; a Great British mobile café, perfect to enjoy some good-food-fast! They offer delights such as a meltingly good apple roasted pulled pork, homemade sausage rolls, Rhubarb Ginger Crunch Fool and his no-frills, straight-up paper filtered coffee using Monmouth single origin beans… is it me or sounds delicious?

One of Brighton’s best bistros Sam’s is also serving gourmet lamb burgers amongst other delights. And if you have more time on your hands, they have set up a small but very tasteful restaurant tent where you can sit and enjoy a three course dinner.

Fooderies in the Spiegel Garden open the following times: weekdays 6pm to 11pm and weekends 1pm to 11pm. Plus over Bank Holidays and both Thursday and Friday throughout The Great Escape Festival.

For more casual fair inside the Garden you’ll also find fairground tents serving at a reasonable price hot chocolate, popcorn and some spicy snacks and candy floss, do you dare to say no?

And something to wash it all down with, theres the SpiegelPub: a tent that could rival any bustling local bar with adequate sofas, tables and plenty of drink choice. Open daily from 11am – 1am it offers to festival-goers a space to eat and relax before and after shows.

Alternatively try The Aperol Spritz Tent with its trendy white interior and gorgeous orange uniformed bartenders who will serve you a drink while listening to some live music, if your lucky!

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