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Dan Clark is best known for his hit comedy show on BBC Three; ‘How Not To Live Your Life’ ran over the duration of three series and revolved around the life issues of Don Danbury.

This year has seen Dan branching out into the field of music, but still including his slick comedy style. Last week Dan’s commenced his new tour as an indie-rock band, with his three close friends, who all happen to be professional musicians. The show is called ‘These Songs May Contain Jokes’ and consists of the four piece band performing their hilarious innovative comedy songs.

Komedia is currently being refurbished to accommodate a second Duke of York Cinema. The venue was laid out into separate tables, which resembled the structure of a candle-lit restaurant. Skeptical at first, if this layout would work with a comedy show, but Dan Clark captured the attention of the audience with his ridiculously stupid lyrics and effortless gags.

The songs were based around topics such as Dan’s relationship experiences, his hate for certain celebrities, and his views on public toilets. The set consisted of two halves and featured jokes and Dan’s personal opinions in-between his self-created songs. The show begins with a welcome song and an introduction to the band members. Many of the songs focus on his relationship issues; in particular the humorous issues of the language barriers when dating foreign girls and an unfortunate experience of bad timing with music playlists, during his first sexual encounter. The set moves on from his relationship issues to celebrities and that deep down he can not help but actually like Simon Cowell.

Introducing the second half with the theme tune of ‘How Not To Live Your Life’, the set opens with a selection of songs from his sitcom in the style of Don Danbury. It came as no surprise that these would appeal to the entire audience as his fans would have first discovered the actor when the pilot episode aired in 2007. Dan explains that he was not aware that the songs from the sitcom were that popular until he received numerous requests to play them during his live shows.

Mentioning that he is frequently asked if there will be any more episodes, Dan strongly confirms that the Christmas special was the final appearance for Don Danbury. After the success of his self-created sitcom, I was hesitant about how the band would structure their set to an audience full of Don Danbury fans, however, the show was a huge success with the entire audience singing along to ‘Living On A Prayer’ and fans queuing to have their merchandise signed.

After a set packed of cleverly constructed comedy songs, it will be interesting to see what Dan Clark does next.

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WORDS by Bethany Potter

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