Greg Davies – Brighton Dome 11/10/12

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This time of the year in Brighton is always packed with touring comedians and music acts, and it has reached that time of the year again when Dave’s Brighton Comedy Festival returns to the eminent venue, Brighton Dome. This years line up consists of many great comedians, including the towering Welsh stand-up comedian and actor, Greg Davies.

Greg Davies arrived at the Brighton Dome to take part in the comedy festival in conjunction with the start of his new tour named “The back of my mum’s head”. The favored venue worked perfectly with his style of stand up, allowing a much appreciated audience interaction. The interaction started earlier than planned, as Greg announced to the audience that the show would start late, due to his support act having to quickly sprint from the train station to start the show. Ed Gamble, shortly stumbled on to the stage in attempt to recover his late arrival, and as promised his comic performance was worth the wait. Ed usually works as part of duo Peacock and Gamble, however, this time took the stage on his own. His successful act made the audience hysterically laugh with stories about his recent weight loss and embarrassing doctors appointments.

After an interval, Greg appeared on stage with huge appreciation from the crowd. Explaining that the theme of his tour is based around the phrase ‘It’s not normal Love’ which his mother often said to him when growing up. Introducing his show with a checklist of events, the audience anticipated what each section would involve; a soundscape of memorable life sounds, easiness of being a child, ridiculous questions he has been asked, live role play and a memorable song to finish. A common factor in his show featured jokes based around his age and weight; after asking the age range of the audience, there seemed to be many people who could relate. In an attempt to return to his youth, Greg shares the story of when a few friends and him attended the rock festival, Glastonbury, dressed in clothes they considered “cool”. Reflecting on youth, jokes involved the general sibling relationship and ways of torturing them; because no one can deny not pulling pranks on younger siblings. Greg concluded his act by involving two volunteers from the audience to participate in a live role play of a past conversation between his parents and himself.

An unexpected closing of the show involved Greg showing his musical talent by sharing his own song ‘Bonsai Tree’ reflecting on how his life is not that bad after all and featured support act, Ed Gamble, dressed as a bonsai tree. We all know who is to blame, when we find ourselves having to resist the urge to sing ‘Bonsai Tree’. As expected this was a show full of belly-aching humour, highly recommend booking tickets to see.

Dave’s Brighton Comedy Festival
Words by Bethany Potter

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