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Published On July 26, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Archive

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening Komedia turns its hand to comedy and invites three to four comedians from around the globe to Brighton for a night of pure entertainment at the renowned Krater Comedy Club.

The nights take place in the basement room of Komedia, and the set reminded me one of those old little honky-tonk places where you are going to listen great blues. It’s a mixture of new and retro with small intimate tables scattered around the location and in the middle you find the longer ones for larger groups.

The line up the day I attended was made up of Welsh stand-up comic Dan Thomas, James Gill, Kishore Nayar, Markus Birdman & the MC Stephen Grant.

Stephen Grant is simply brilliant! With just a small amount of information picked from audience members he is able to create such a great jokes with his quick wit and great timing. He certainly had us in stitches!

What I learnt throughout the night was that Jokes have to have a certain structure. In order to ensure laughs, the audience has to believe what you’re talking about before you introduce the jokes.

It seemed that relationships was the theme of the evening. It is a subject that everyone understands and can engage in. You can easily create a logical and focussed trajectory through your jokes, and that’s what Markus Birdman did. He is a cheeky performer who knows how to structure a show.

The comedians tied in well with one another because of their honest observational humour. Even the middle acts who were new to the comedy scene created chuckles.

The comedy was not the cleverest or the subtlest, but the laughs were loud and frequent and we certainly had a brilliant night and would highly recommend it to anyone. The entrance to the Krater is just a fiver, great for those on a budget who are after two hours of laughter. If you fancy a night out with some food then they also offer a meal deal from as little as £18.

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