Lianne La Havas – Thursday 18th October

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Lianne La Havas has been the subject of much talk within the music world in the past year. Since being dubbed as the ‘London Soul Sensation’ by the guardian in 2011, her debut album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ has been nominated for the 2012 Barclaycard Mercury Prize. On Thursday 18th of October, I headed down to Concorde 2 to see the talent behind all the talk…

At this sold out gig the mature crowd is tightly packed together, though no elbows are getting ready to shove people out the way. Instead, the atmosphere is chilled but there is a sense of eager anticipation (not just from me!). When La Havas centres herself on stage to rapturous applause, she does so with grace, looking quietly confident and starts the show with the beautiful trackNo Room For Doubt’. As La Havas’s rich, yet delicate, voice sings: ‘Please sleep softly / Leave me no room for doubt’ the entirety of Concorde 2 remain silent, watching, assumedly out of amazement, respect and total enjoyment.

As La Havas continues to showcase the tracks from her debut album, she encourages some amusing repartee from one particularly forthcoming fan. A male from the crowd called La Havas a “cheeky mother fucker” after she announced: “this is a song about temptation”, before beginning ‘Tease’ – a situation made funnier when she replied: “YOU’RE a cheeky mother fucker” in jest.

Not only does La Havas have colossal talent, she mixes the intensity of her lyrics and vocal performance with witty rapport, which makes for a show that offers an array of emotions. She will charm you with her personality, bring a tear to your eye when she powers through songs such as ‘Gone’ and make you smile with the quirky, endearing lyrics of ‘Age’. The story she tells in her songs has something for everyone to enjoy – they may be an emotional rollercoaster but it is certainly a rollercoaster worth getting on.

Tonight I realised just how talented La Havas is. She is absolutely awe-inspiring. Listening to her album is a pleasure but seeing her perform live is a privilege. She is certainly worthy of all the praise and I can only imagine there is more praise to come.

Concorde 2

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