Nathan Fake – 9th November 2012

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It has been nearly 10 years since 20 year old Nathan Fake stepped up to the electronic music scene with the stunning monster track Outhouse, a tune which at the time did the damage on dancefloors all over the world. This was shortly followed by another epic song, The Sky Was Pink.

A pupil of James Holden, Fake started releasing his music on, without doubt, one of the most eclectic record labels: Border Community. This label covers a wide range of styles, from electronica and post-rock through to techno.

Courtesy of Be Nothing events, Fake is coming to play, promoting his latest album in Brighton at the Blind Tiger on the 9th of November.

Nathan, instead of commercializing his style with a track for mainstream club scene, as many an artists have done, came up with “Drowning in a Sea of Love” in 2006: an album purely listening made of that bucolic atmosphere similar to Boards of Canada. A masterpiece of archetypal folktronica, with synthetic guitar feedback.

In 2009 after over two years of relative silence came his second album; a proper swing towards the free rhythms of acid-techno with “Hard Islands”, which illustrates just enough evolution in Fake as a producer that it has to be taken on its own terms.

This unique style has finally come to fruition in the new “Steam Days”: a dark and moody album, perfect for the autumn. This release places Nathan in a dimension without genders and references, only immersed in a vapor of balsamic sounds which will sooth our colds and that will make us breathe deeply on the dancefloor. At the end of a Nathan Fake’s live set this is the result: add a filter to your perception, with the result that you’ll see yourself floating rather than dancing.

Nathan Fake Soundcloud

The Blind Tiger

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