Over The Moon Festival

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Over The Moon Festival is the new name for the well-known Out of the Ordinary Festival and is now run by Jim Mitchell and many other dedicated Brightonian festivalgoers.

It is held over the weekend between the 14th and the 16th of September, in a beautiful field in the Weald just a stone’s throw from the Sussex Downs. The festival features music, paint, sculpture, video art and a concept of cross-pollination of different art forms.

For a small-size festival the range of music is wide and ranges from electronic and psy-trance through to drum&bass and electro-house. It has hosted big names from the electronic scene in the previous years: System 7, Zubzub, Orchid, The Orb are among the main acts.

The Moon Stage, also know as, the main stage is housed within a big-top tent with a bio-diesel powered PA presenting some of the festival’s main acts such as Dub Pistols, Zubzub, Carnival Collective and more, anyway Over The Moon is not just about music.

It revolves around the concept of educating and raising consciousness among the participants through talks which range from “Seeing the Light Through Ancient Eyes” to “The Cult of the Bee”. The key aims are: don’t let the dominant culture controls you and spiritual social activism. They also offer a wide range of workshops such as; blacksmithery, flintknapping, wood turning, bushcraft, mask making and a variety of arts & crafts.

Keeping it’s tradition of being a family festival, one tent has been taken over from The Willowisp Family Area – a perfect place for young and old to share a creative moment, make new friends and play. For those without inhibition there was an hidden area close to the river called Sonar, where loads of people got naked into the water as a proper celebration of freedom.

Everyone was friendly and most of the crowd were from Brighton, unfortunately I attended just Saturday eve missing out the main act on Friday: Dub Pistol, but I was lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful day with the last sunshine of the summer.

The renowned Brighton based band Carnival Collective stepped out in the main stage in the late afternoon. They are a dynamic group of musicians, dancers and artists who combine drum and bass, break-beat percussion, reggae, funk, house and other dance influences throughout their act.

Finally later in the evening, Zubzub, made their appearance which was the main reason that dragged me into this lovely field. Their sound incorporates complex programming, deliciously-groovy dance rhythms and bass-lines all infused with live musicianship.

They seamlessly blend an eclectic variety of styles and genres; trance, drum and bass, techno, breaks and dub all feature and are tinged with pure psychedelia.

Over The Moon is a festival for all those interested in re-discovering the secrets of the ancient past though the talks that include such topics as prehistoric culture, ancient knowledge and earth mysteries. Moon’s main focus is to develop a sustainability ethos, while providing a wide array of arts and culture line up. So this makes it a festival which caters for all ages from toddlers with their mums to old school hippy ravers.

I recommend trying it if you are not too strict about the organisation, want to acquire more information on our past and listen to great electronic music in the field.

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