Sundae Club Returns to Komedia

Published On January 14, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Archive

When: Sunday 27th January between 10.30am-3.30pm

Five fabulous hours of fun and entertainment for children and their families taking over Komedia and Dukes @ Komedia!

Sundae Club is back in January, February and March 2013 with a whole host of things to do based on a different theme each month. Starting with Cacophony – Exploring Sound, families can try their hand at a number of activities including a film workshop with Dukes @ Komedia.

In Komedia’s main venue, families will become foley artists and use photos of Brighton as inspiration to record their own sound postcard of the city. By opening and closing many umbrella’s they will acoustically recreate Brighton’s seagulls flying overhead for example, or the crunching of crisp packets will represent the crackling of Burning of the Clocks bonfire. Lead by artist Esther Springett, all the recordings will be mixed into an audio file available to download after the event.

Downstairs there will also be a competition to ‘guess the sound’ from selected tracks from nature and our day to day lives, draw to a soundscape using UV paint, as well as Toddler Corner with plenty of instruments to keep the under 2 year olds amused.

In Komedia’s Studio 2-5 year olds can join Lefty the Sock on his heroic search after his partner and “sole” mate suddenly disappears.  After the show Thingumajig Theatre will introduce children to the musical instruments they used to bring the story to life.

January is the first Sundae Club that will be in partnership with Dukes @ Komedia who will open their doors (and café) and invite 6-11 year olds to explore how film and sound go hand in hand with Film and Music: Become the Soundtrack!

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