The Maydays – 3rd November at Komedia

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Acclaimed improv comedians ‘The Maydays’ returned to the Komedia this month with a fresh twist on traditional stand up comedy. ‘Confessions’ first premiered at last years Brighton Fringe Festival and has fast received wide spread recognition for its quirky and impromptu performances.

Together the comedy troupe creates an entirely improvised show using only their wits and the scandalous confessions of audience members. During the start of the performance, audience members are handed slips of paper in hushed tones and are invited to share their own shameful stories, either anonymously or openly. The entirety of the performance including the dialogue, words, music and “choreography” is wholly spur of the moment.

Each scene begins with the confession being plucked from a bucket from the front of the stage and read allowed. The audience is all ears. Each spectator noticeably dreading the confession to be their own. The ‘sin’ is then broadcasted to audience members and is then remarkably constructed effortlessly into either song or sketch by Mayday members. Between the group, droll yet surprisingly believable characters and situations are created instantaneously, some more obvious than others and a clear relation to the original declaration of guilt is palpable. The second half of the evening was dedicated to one audience member’s confession only, and on this occasion proved perhaps slightly trickier than expected. The premise of confessions more than implies the idea of overhearing delicious details of shameful deeds, however a few of the audiences hand-outs were juggling either between dull or completely outrageous, leading to several performances appearing seemingly uncomfortable.

Towards the end performances became almost unrelated to the initial confession. Despite this, there is no doubt The Maydays are a reputable and extremely talented group, the task they undertake to provide on the spot entertainment is no small feat and is most definitely achieved through astonishing ease and enthusiasm.

“They’re funny, confident, imaginative, charming and not afraid of making themselves look ridiculous. They will turn your secrets and stories into something to make you laugh your socks off. Go see them if you can. And take along a juicy confession or two” **** Fringe Review May 2011

“The Maydays are England’s vanguard of long-form improvisation” Jason Chin – Former Associate Artistic Director & Director, Training Centre, iO, Chicago

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WORDS BY Amy Banks

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