Planet India

Published On May 9, 2014 | By We Love Brighton | Restaurants, Takeaways

Planet India BrightonPlanet India is a refreshingly different Indian restaurant in modest but charming surroundings. The menu is entirely vegetarian with plenty of vegan friendly options. Most aficionados pride themselves on knowing the selection off by heart and everyone’s got at least one dish they can’t resist ordering every time. For the lentil lovers there are even two types of dalPlanet India really do have street food snacks nailed with their starter menu featuring, amongst others, ketchoris (little balls of magic stuffed with spiced coconut and peas), pani puri (crisp shells that you fill with chickpea mash, top with flavourings and pop whole into your mouth), and the celebrated dahi bhel puri (a zingy salad prepared with fresh tomato and onion, crispy puri, tamarind sauce, and heaps of fresh coriander). Transporting you straight to the streets of Mumbai, this is food for the travelling soul. 

VISIT: 4 Richmond Parade, Brighton, BN2 1RG

CALL: 01273 818 149


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