Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

Published On October 22, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Best of Brighton, Food & Drink Features

Eating out is something we all love to do. However, with over 20% of people now having a food allergy (from wheat, gluten, dairy, shellfish, nuts and eggs to name just a few,) sometimes just popping into a restaurant is not that easy. So we pounded the streets our fair City to discover the top allergy free restaurants Brighton has to offer.


17 Kensington Gardens, Brighton
Award-winning restaurant, Idyea is always a great lunchtime pit-stop for vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies alike. Stop by for a wide range of allergy-free homemade recipes, including delicious veggie curries, vegan lasagne and fruity quinoa – a great gluten-free replacement for with something on offer for all. If in doubt, check out the detailed food lists or ask one of the friendly team, who’ll be only happy to help. Varying daily, there’s a variety of 8 main courses, 4 hot sides and up to 6 salad choices.

Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

Donatello Restaurant

1-3 Brighton Place, Brighton
For gluten and wheat allergy sufferers, eating at an Italian restaurant can be a nightmare. However, Donatello’s are now serving up delicious gluten-free delights such as creamy Carbonara and a tasty tomato and herb Al Pomodoro. For those with a mix of allergies, such as gluten and dairy or nuts, choose the gluten free pasta and special Siciliana sauce, filled with aubergines, green peppers and capers.

Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

Wild Cherry Deli

91 Queens Park Road, Brighton
All food is organic and lovingly handmade by passionate owner Riad and has something for all dietary requirements. Get stuck in to stuffed peppers, gluten free moussaka and impressively, gluten-free sunset cauliflower quiche, to name just a few items on this varied daily menu. Check out a selection of daily deserts ranging from gluten-free cheesecake, dairy-free cocoa and cashew muesli cake and gluten, dairy and sugar-free pudding.

Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

The Chilli Pickle

17 Jubilee Street, Brighton
Based in central Brighton, this award winning Bombay-style boutique restaurant is a must visit for free-from residents. All menu items are fully adaptable for sufferers and many options are completely void of gluten, dairy and eggs to start with. The helpful staff are fully trained and will advise you through the menu of Indian Street Food, but if in doubt, call ahead!

Allergy Free Restaurants Brighton

Infinity Foods Café

50 Gardner Street, Brighton
If you’re yet to take a trip into this free-from foodie paradise, you need to schedule one soon! Using organic and allergy-free products from the shop of the same name, this café is a firm favourite among those with specialist dietary requirements, especially vegans and those allergic to dairy. Cakes and spreaded items including jacket potatoes and garlic bread are made creamy using dairy-free spread.

Words by Shelley Louise Baker

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