New Foodilic launching in Brighton 2013

Published On May 9, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Food & Drink Features

Peter Ilic, renowned restaurateur of 20 years, famed for his clever PR stunt back in 2009 when his customers were asked to pay what they thought their meal was worth instead of what it actually cost, continues his success with the launch of “Foodilic“. Cleverly filling a gap in the food and beverage industry by offering raw, organic and fresh, ‘free form’ products.

“Foodilic provides quality, great tasting and healthy food options. We aim to appeal and excite with great, value-for-money, fresh nutritious, some organic produce.

Recognizing that the lives of our patrons are becoming ever more demanding our main focus is to provide a take-out option so that our food can be enjoyed anytime.

We promote a healthy lifestyle whilst providing that taste and quality do not need to be compromised and offer a varied menu including salads, hot Mediterranean pastries and cakes to name but a few. For the health-conscious we serve sugar-free, egg-free, flour-free and diary-free options which will cater for most dietary requirements.

We also provide fair-trade coffee and freshly-squeezed, sugar-free juices.”


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