The Real Junk Food Project needs a Brighton home

Published On October 7, 2015 | By Sarah Ryman | Food & Drink Features, Only in Brighton!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of a delicious ‘pay as you feel lunch’ from The Real Junk Food Project then it’s certainly worth a visit. Currently the project is serving up lunch at three weekly cafes across Brighton, but they are desperate for a permanent home to do more.

Do you know an empty premises in Brighton that would make a great home for a community café? The Real Junk Food Project would love to hear from you.

So what’s it all about?

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The concept is a simple one:

Intercept food waste destined for land fill and use it to feed people who need it, on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. Not just homeless people but low-income families, students and anyone struggling financially. The revolutionary ‘pay as you feel’ concept encourages people to think about what every plate of food means to them. If you can’t afford to pay money then maybe you could help with the washing up, perhaps weigh some intercepted food or help spread the word about the project. Food is a basic amenity that should be available to EVERYONE regardless of financial status.

Almost half the food the world produces ends up as waste, yet there are 842 million hungry people in the world. Food poverty does not need to be an issue and this brilliant team of volunteers are doing their best to redistribute food that would otherwise end up in landfill and feed bellies not bins. In September 2.5 tonnes of food was intercepted and served up by The Real Junk Food Project in Brighton, and since February they have saved over 13 tonnes of food from landfill.

 The problem is, there is more food being thrown away by Brighton supermarkets than the project can currently distribute, so they need a home to make the café available 7 days a week.

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An estimated 18 million tonnes of food is wasted in Britain annually. We have almost twice as much food as is required by the nutritional needs of our people. ‘Use by’ and ‘best before’ dates plus our desire for aesthetically pleasing vegetables means 20-40% of odd looking but perfectly edible veggies don’t even reach the shelves.

As well as addressing the catastrophic problem of food waste and food poverty, The Real Junk Food Project aim to use permanent premises to teach people how to be waste conscious, how to live sustainably and self-sufficiently, how to grow their own food, how to compost waste, and how to eat healthily.

Each of the three current cafés is run by volunteers and there is a really friendly, no pressure vibe to be part of this great community interest project. An opportunity to learn new skills and to socialise and really help those in need.

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If you are interested in getting involved please do get in touch. And if you know of a building with a kitchen that is crying out for a Real Junk Food café let us know

Current local junk food cafés:

Wednesday (first Wednesday of the month only) 12-2 at The Hive at Stoneham Park Hove.

Thursday 1-3 at The Hollingbean Café, Hollingdean Community Centre, off Davey Drive.

Friday 1-3pm at One Church, Brighton, on Gloucester Place.


Feeding those who need it with food that is thrown away. Get involved and let’s feed the world together.

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