Interview with Doyle & The Fourfathers

Published On December 13, 2011 | By We Love Brighton | Features

We met Doyle & the Fourfathers backstage at Concorde 2 on the last day of the 2011 UK tour in Brighton, December 10th supporting The Undertones.

If you could sum up your latest single ‘Welcome to Austerity’ how would you describe it? William Doyle: A direct and brash political statement to open the floodgates for other people to do the same thing because there aren’t enough bands doing that at the moment. And they all bemoan their current situation but they don’t do anything about it in their creative outlet. So, that’s what I wanted to be with that.

Your latest single ‘Welcome to Austerity’ was released last month, what’s next for Doyle and The Fourfathers and what are your plans for 2012? William Doyle: We have a new EP coming out in February the 6th and it is going to have 3 more tracks on it as well as ‘Welcome to Austerity’. Get that out and tour with that. More tour definitely, yeah.


This is your second tour with The Undertones, have you enjoyed it? William Doyle: It’s been amazing. They are very nice people and their crew is amazing. The gigs have been nearly full. We have played for 200-300 strangers. Perfect. It doesn’t really get much better. We sell a lot of merch and get the name out there.


Do you think you have to know who you are before you can show others? How do you go about writing songs? William Doyle: No. Personally when I write songs you’re writing songs to figure out yourself. Because that’s the way you understand the world around you. A lot of artists do that. It’s about re-imagining, re-contextualizing it and everything so that you can better understand yourself and the world around you.


What do you think your fans love about your music? Alex Urch: Hopefully we’re different to a lot of other bands. I think we have a good live show which is one thing we really strive to do the best we can and make it as entertaining as possible – play as good music as we can. William Doyle: We don’t really pay attention to other bands. We just do what we want to do.


Written by Louise Ronnestad

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