Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015

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Brighton is so great for live music it’s sometimes near impossible to pick what to see! Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made it a bit easier for our readers by picking their top live music in Brighton this August with everything from hardcore Punk to Disco!

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Sun Kil MoonSt George’s Church

Whilst, we suspect that we are in something of a minority here, it seems a shame that a rare visit from ex-Red House Painters, stream of consciousness balladeer Mark Kozlek’s Sun Kil Moon project clashes with Brighton Pride’s street party. Impossible clashes like this are commonplace, we guess, and the delineation between the mardi-gras atmosphere of St James Street and the ‘hear a pin drop’ intimacy of this show just up the road at St George’s Church should make decision making easy. Kozlek’s album of 2014 ‘Benji’ was one of the albums of that year, whilst this year’s Universal Themes continues his excellent run.

Date: Sat 1st August
Time/ Price: 7pm/ £31

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015MDC (Millions of Dead Cops)The Green Door Store

Those lovely young men at Teen Creeps present some proper hardcore punk for you the undeserving public! Millions of Dead Cops. You want a band whose entire manifesto is clear from their name? You’ve got it. Now in their thirty third year MDC haven’t budged an inch on their radical anti-authority politics and are still sleeping on floors, rallying against the man and generally taking the piss through the medium of loud fast punk-rawk. In a world where Donald Trump could become president, we need them more than ever. Support comes from TEEF and no doubt some other punky degenerates.

Date: Fri 7th August
Price/Time: 8pm | £10 Adv

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Kid Creole & The CoconutsConcorde 2

Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? In a not too improbable parallel universe that would be Kid Creole. Most famous for his trio of classic eighties singles ‘I’m a wonderful Thing Baby’; ‘Annie, I’m not your Daddy’; and the spectacularly brilliant ‘Stool Pigeon’. The present incarnation has no less than fourteen members fully revved up to unleash all the latin-samba-calypso-disco you are ever going to need, so it’s going to be a titanic show. And lets face it, when did you last go out in a sharp pink suit?

Date: Sat 8th August
Time/Price: 7pm | £24.75

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Taman Shud – Green Door Store

Last time we saw Taman Shud in Brighton supporting Slum of Legs at the Albert earlier this year, they were astonishing. Three guys and one lady, who you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see across the water cooler in the office, appear to have consumed the entire history of cool, heavy music and are chucking it at you. ALL. AT. ONCE. There are doomy riffs like Electric Wizard or Goatsnake, enveloping keys à la first album Suicide, and at times the blown out aesthetic of a Darkthrone. They can be unbelievably intense, yet ‘Viper Smoke’ – the title track of their recently released album – is a toe tapper.

Date: Fri 14th August
Time/ Price: 7.30pm/ £5

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Merchandise – Sticky Mikes

It’s not easy being in a band in 2015 and if you want to see a band that really works hard look no further than Florida USA’s Merchandise. Five albums in six years and endless touring in-between you know this band are pretty on-it. Touring at the moment to promote their new tour documentary (which features their last Brighton date no less!). Merchandise are impatient types so catch them now before they change into something quite different, but probably no less brilliant. Locals supports from garage psyche boffin Theo Varney and feral post-punk types Abattoir Blues.

Date: Sat 22nd August
Time/Price: 7pm | £5.50

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Jungfrau/ Regency Harmonics/ Van Coeur – Prince Albert

This is a fine looking bill of local talent. Van Coeur play a quiet, slow and intense doomy-folk, quite unlike other acts in the city. You’ll have to trust us with Regency Harmonics, who don’t appear to have anything online for you to sample. We caught them support GNOD earlier in the year and they specialise in some lovely loud guitar histrionics a la Sonic Youth.

Headliner’s Jungfrau released their accomplished debut album ‘Nacht’ earlier this year to ripples of acclaim. They self identify as alt-indie-psych-kraut, which is about right. All in all, not one to be missed.

Date: Sat 22nd August
Time/ Price: 7.30pm/ £4

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015DeerhoofPatterns

Deerhoof whilst barely registering a shrug of the shoulders in a mainstream context are heavyweights of the post- grunge American underground. Idiosyncratic to a fault, calling them an indie-pop band is a bit like calling Can a rock band. Since their formation in 1994 they’ve released 12 albums of experimental indie noise-pop with a constant jazz like flair for improvisation. Experienced and exceptional musicians, they are sublime live and will dazzle with moments of pop perfection in amongst disorientating genre-hopping. Hurry and buy a ticket though, it is very unlikely that the available space at Patterns will satisfy demand.

Date: Weds 26th August
Time/ Price: 7.30 pm/ £12

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015Michael Mayer: Bank Holiday SpecialPatterns

What more could you want from the bank holiday weekend than a 4 hour set From Kompakt’s Michael Mayer? If you know your techno/house onions then you know Kompakt. If you don’t then this is your best chance to catch up. It’s a Cologne label and purveyor of all things minimal and 4/4. You’d be hard pushed to disagree that they’ve been one of the dominant forces in club music this side of the millennium. Mayer is a legend in the field and no slouchy EDM button pusher. You want a proper techno workout? You know what to do.

Date: Sat 29th August
Time/Price: 10.30pm | £8Adv

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 20152-3-4 FestivalGreen Door Store

At what point does a well executed, good idea become an institution? We think this is the 3rd year of the August Bank Holiday hogging FREE festival 2-3-4 at the Green Door Store, which never fails to be one of the highlights of the year. The recipe is simple, take a solid base of the best of Brighton’s up and coming talent, sprinkle a handful of the most promising acts nationwide and season with a bigger name headliner. Our biggest tips are lo-fi 2 piece ragers Playground and the fast rising Morning Smoke who were a highlight of last years event.

Date: Sat 29th August – Sun 30th August
Time/Price: From 1pm/ FREE

Best Live Music in Brighton: August 2015At The Edge of The SeaConcorde 2

There is a certain type of person in the world: pines after John Peel, still buys music, dresses like The Jesus and Mary Chain, smoked rollies before it was a necessity. They, ladies and gentlemen, are all obsessive fans of The Wedding Present. At The Edge of The Sea has become a proper not-to-miss institution now playing the cream of shuffling record-bag owning jangly guitar-types. Also on this generously stuffed bill are TWP sister band Cinerama, local baroque indie spectacle My Life Story, first generation pot-punkers The Nightingales, indiepop royalty The Proctors and many more over the weekend.

Date: Sat 29th & Sun 30th August
Time/Price: From 4pm | £22.50

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