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Best Live Music in Brighton: June 2015

Published On May 26, 2015 | By Brighton Noise | Best of Brighton, Homepage, Music & Nightlife Features

Brighton is so great for live music it’s sometimes near impossible to pick what to see! Gig experts Brighton Noise have made it a bit easier for our readers by picking their top live music in Brighton this June with everything from experimental Pop to Krautrock.

East India YouthLive music in Brighton  – The Haunt

East India Youth’s William Doyle, has an irresistible story. Low, after the dissolution of his previous band Doyle and The Forefathers, he thrust a CD of solo home recordings into the hands of John Doran, editor of The Quietus, at a Factory Floor gig in London. Doran was impressed enough to create his own label to release his debut EP. Those songs went onto make up last year’s Mercury nominated debut album ‘Total Strife Forever.’ He returns promoting his new record, early album of the year contender ‘Culture of Volume, which take its cues more from the electro-pop of The Pet Shop Boys, than the dancefloors of the Berghain.

Date: Weds 3rd June
Time/ Price: 7.30pm | £10 adv

Live music in Brighton Follakzoid and Merlin Tonto – The Joker

In a psych/ krautrock scene that can get pretty homogeneous, Follakzoid’s III, is a genuine attempt to create something different. Perhaps it’s because of their relative isolation in Chile but it specialises in a completely stripped down dark, minimal and hypnotic version of the form that is very different from the prevailing trends. You should be prepared to lose yourself to the music for an hour at The Joker. In support, Merlin Tonto are one of the best bands in Brighton currently so much so that we saw their new set featuring music from their forthcoming second release twice at The Great Escape.

Date: Thurs 4th June
Time/ Price: 7.30pm| £10 adv

rsz_nightingalesDictionary Pudding Presents: Nightingales + Ted Chippington – Hope & Ruin

‘Punks don’t die, they just get old’ the old legend goes. This must surely also apply to the post-punks that followed them? Brummies Nightingales certainly fit the bill: formed in 1979, one of John Peel’s most sessioned bands and janglier than Johnny Marr’s wind chimes. Ted Chippington is the purveyor of all things anti-humour, “went to the hairdressers and said ‘can you cut it round the back mate?’, he said ‘I’d rather do it here’.” If you want to see someone deftly evade a flying pint glass Ted is your man. Support from local indie types Lower Slaughter and Fractured.

Date: Thurs 4th June
Time/ Price: 7.30pm | £8.50 adv

rsz_10801920_10152910455859705_3308678088324880079_nCupboard Music Present: Pile – Green Door Store

A big falling-over fingers-in-your-ears night of noise-rock and the uglier end of indie for all you lucky things! Purveyors of all things ridiculous, PILE are the kings of sweaty basement gigs and (probably illegal) house shows. Perfect for those that like their bands ‘close’. They will be defiling the Green Door Store with fellow Americans and tour-mates Total Babes. All tout drumming and mental sounds, plus Brighton Noise local favourite weirdo arty-types Vincent Vocoder Voice and the modestly named noisy post-rocker Londoners, The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets.

Date: Tues 9th June
Time/ Price: 7pm | £7 adv

Live music in Brighton Lout Present: British Sea Power + Bo Ningen – Concorde 2

We’re not normally obvious but this one is special. You will likely have seen British Sea Power before, adopted sons of Brighton and one of Britain’s most treasured indie-rock bands. They have wowed audiences since their formation in 2000 at venues varying in size from the Free Butt to The Corn Exchange with their chaotic, yet focused shows. Two things stand out about this one; a) They are playing their certified classic debut album ‘The Decline of British Sea Power’ in full and b) They are being supported by one of the most inventive bands in the UK in Bo Ningen.  Unbelievably, as we write, tickets are still available.

Date: Weds 10th June
Time/ Price: 7.30pm | £20 adv

Jenny HvalLive music in Brighton The Hope and Ruin

Jenny Hval’s experimental pop music deals with matters of gender and sexuality in an upfront, empowered way that wholeheartedly lives up to our British impression of Scandinavian liberalism.It feels natural and not designed to shock, even if at times that is the end result. Nominated for a Norwegian Grammy for her first EP, she was signed to top Norwegian indie Rune Grammofon by the time her third LP ‘Viscera’ caught the attention of Wire Magazine in 2011. 2013’s ‘Innocence Is Kinky’ saw her acclaim spread wider and tour with St. Vincent and Swans. Fifth album ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ will be released on American indie Sacred Bones (Blanck Mass, Moon Duo, Pharmakon) during the week of the show.

Date: Fri 12th June
Time/ Price: 7.30pm | £7 adv

Live music in Brighton Club Zygotic & Lost Property Present Splitting the Atom XXVI – Green Door Store

Now onto its staggering twenty sixth instalment, the indefatigable Splitting the Atom is a legitimate international institution, maybe. If you don’t know the drill, it’s a quarterly all-dayer packed to the rafters with all things avant garde/sound art/drone/noise/etc. with a side helping of poetry and performance art. Don’t be scared though, for every somewhat serious act there is usually something bafflingly ridiculous to balance it out and take you by surprise. It’s a great chance to catch up with the local experimental scene. It’s on from two until half-ten and best of all, it’s FREE! Brain re-programming stuff…

Date: Sun 14th June
Time/ Price: 2pm | FREE

Live music in Brighton One Inch Badge Present: Dan DeaconThe Haunt

Dan Deacon is an odd beast indeed, and he is very beastly. Like Hot Chip he looks like a designer bin man, and like Hot Chip he makes electro-pop that’s as fun as it is clever. Big hooks, big production and bigger beard. Dan’s shows are massive spectacles of audience participation and are about as much fun as you are going to have this or any June. Assuming you like fun, don’t you? And if you can’t make it, you can console yourself with the fact he has great videos, go and have a peek, you’ll love it.

Date: Mon 15th June
Time/ Price: 7pm | £11 adv

Live music in Brighton Dictionary Pudding Presents: Irmler & LiebzeitHope & Ruin

There’s every chance this will be the best show in Brighton this year; it’s certainly one of the most important. Jaki Liebzeit is a founding member of krautrock gods Can and routinely described as one of the best drummers the world has ever seen, his illustrious former bandmates describing him as half man, half machine.  Hans Joachim Irmler is a founding member of the equally revered Faust, famous for building and maintaining his own organs and synthesisers. The duo recorded an album named ‘FLUT ‘together last year, it is an unsurprisingly exceptional combination of two musicians with an almost superhuman ability to improvise and collaborate.

Date: Weds 17th June
Time/ Price: 8pm | £12.50 adv

rsz_prolapsAnother Sunny Day Indiepop Club & Dictionary Pudding Presents: Prolapse + Slum of LegsHope & Ruin

There is probably a good chance you’ve never heard of Prolapse. They have a horrible name, they weren’t even that big when they were first about in the nineties, and frankly, they aren’t the easiest band in the world to listen to. Which is exactly why you should listen to them now. You want it easy all your life? Think of a big belligerent mess of woozy shoegaze, Fall-esque bile, eighties US indie rock and a complete distain for conventional song structure. Support comes from those unignorable ladies of indiepop, Slum of Legs. Do it, don’t delay!

Date: Sun 23rd June
Time/Price: 8pm | £7 adv


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