Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015

Published On August 24, 2015 | By Brighton Noise | Music & Nightlife Features

Brighton is so great for live music it’s sometimes near impossible to pick what to see! Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made it a bit easier for our readers by picking their top live music in Brighton this September with everything from Scuzz Rock to Punk ‘n’ Roll!

The Polyphonic SpreeBest Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Concorde 2

True story, when The Polyphonic Spree became spontaneously popular in the early naughties the FBI opened a file on them as a possible cult, and therefore a possible threat to homeland security. There can be few things less threatening. Unless all-encompassing jubilant-indie bombast is frightening? If you haven’t heard them then we’ll let you into a secret, there’s loads of them. So many it will be fun to see if they’ll fit on Concorde’s stage. All of them with one aim, to raise the spirits and make you leave more warm and fuzzy than when you arrived.

Date: Fri 4th September
Time/Price: 7.30pm/  £19.25

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Dead NeanderthalsThe Cowley Club

If you’ve never been to a gig at The Cowley Club then get on it. Nice people, cheap booze, radical politics and you get really close to the band. What could be better than mixing brutal noise with unhinged free jazz? Exactly, nothing. Dutch three-piece Dead Neanderthals make a racket far beyond what is acceptable from a trio. Far beyond what is acceptable in society. The have been busy making a name for themselves in their three short years getting three albums out. Support from Orthodox, /Ø, + Dj Fiery Biscuits, and Dj Death Hacks.

Date: Sun 6th September
Time/Price:  8pm/ £6

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Dope BodyThe Hope and Ruin

Post grunge, noise-rock, scuzz rock, call ‘em what you like, Baltimore based Dope Body’s appetite for a ferocious live show has been matched by the continual broadening of their song writing palette across 4 albums. The most recent two LP’s and forthcoming ‘Kunk’ all released on super cool American independent Drag City, home to Joanna Newsom, Jessica Pratt and Ty Segall. They punch like 90’s detuned rock behemoths, The Jesus Lizard, whilst in their more restrained moments can count upon moments reminiscent of Nick Cave’s rockier oeuvre. Last time they visited Brighton they left a small crowd at The Hope simultaneously grinning and in shock.

Date:  Mon 7th September
Time/Price:  8pm/ £7.50 adv

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Drinks/ Soft WallsThe Hope and Ruin

Drinks are a fascinating transatlantic combination between Tim Presley ex-of The Fall and last seen in Brighton on a massively sold out show with his main band White Fence alongside Welsh folk-rock starlet Cate Le Bon. With only one track released so far ‘Hermits on Holiday,’ it’s hard to be certain but they seem set to merge Presley’s psych-guitar wizardry with Le Bon’s airy, uncluttered songwriting. Given the talent that the two of them posses there’s every chance this could be a classic. Get there early to catch The Soft Walls, currently one of the best turns the city has to offer.

Date: Fri 11th September
Time/Price:  8pm/ £10.50 adv, £12.50 otd

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015The MelvinsConcorde 2

At Brighton Noise we are, well, not afraid of a bit of noise. Having said that, last time we saw The Melvins at Concorde 2 it was loud. Running away with fingers in your ears loud, probably illegally loud. But all stayed and braved it, such is the reverence for The Melvins. Easily one of the most important bands of America’s fertile eighties underground rock scene. They were there maaaaan. They’ve seen them all come and go but The Melvins are still here, still bowel disgustingly heavy, still a bunch of miscreants. You know you love it!

Date:  Mon 14th September
Time/Price:  7.30pm/  £17.60

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Sealings Album Launch Show Hope and Ruin Downstairs

Brighton-based 3 piece Sealings have built their national reputation through a series of increasingly coherent releases on underground labels that have honed their noise-rock/ aggro-drone song writing as well as a live show which has been described as “based more on confrontation than anything else.” The two years that have elapsed since their last release, the magnificently moody ‘My Boyfriend’s Dead’ single can be explained by the forthcoming release of their debut LP ‘I’m a Bastard’ on Brighton’s own Faux Discx imprint. This show will mark the launch of that record and we foresee a performance that will go above and beyond their already fearsome reputation.

Date: Thurs 17th September
Time/Price:  8pm/ FREE

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015

The Computers – Secret Location

Having been beavering away in the studio all summer recording their third album, The Computers must be revving up and ready to get on tour. As that is the proper environment for their high exertion punk ‘n’ roll. They throw themselves at the stage, literally. Rumour has it that they completely blew Adam Ant of the stage when they supported him last winter, not that we would spread such gossip. Quite excitingly, this is in a secret location??? You can buy a ticket but you’re going to have to be patient if you want to join the exclusive club.

Date: Fri 18th September
Time/Price: 7.30pm/ £9

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Sean Kuti & Egypt ’80The Dome

Let’s be clear, outside the invention of time travel or the reincarnation of Sean’s father, Afrobeat originator, Fela, this is as brilliant a demonstration of African music you’ll see in Brighton. Sean Kuti, has been fronting his dad’s second seminal band, Egypt ‘80 since the age of 14, taking over after his father’s death in 1997. The biggest compliment we could possibly give Sean is that he is worthy of the status of leading his father’s band, with his preacher man, call and response vocals and virtuoso sax playing. Expect a set gleaned mainly from Sean’s four excellent studio albums as well as the odd classic from Fela’a songbook. Bring your dancing shoes.

Date: Sat 19th September
Time/ Price: 8pm / £19.50 adv

Full of Hell / ThroatsBest Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Hope & Ruin 

Never has there been a more aptly named monstrosity than the newest biggest gang in the grindcore scene, Full of Hell. Barely out of their teens with three albums under their belt, including a collaboration with the grand arbiter of noise Merzbow. Apparently has it there is another album in the works??? If there is a more brutal gig in Brighton this year we’d have heard about it, or possibly heard it! Each of the supports are headline material too, from black metallers Dawn Ray’d, screamy hardcore types Throats, and grind champions Famine. Bargain for less than a tenner.

Date: Tue 22nd September
Time/Price:  7.30pm/ £9.35

Best Live Music in Brighton: September 2015Sun ArawPatterns

Starting in numerous outfits orbiting LA’s trailblazing Not Not Fun imprint, most notably Magic Lantern, Cameron Stallones began Sun Araw as a project to channel his restless creativity. He noticeably abandoned rock structures on 2009’s mystical, esoteric and otherworldly acid-dub of ‘Heavy Deeds’ and progressed further to the outer reaches through the less genre-restricted ‘On Patrol’ (2010) and ‘Ancient Romans’ (2011.)  2012 saw him work with reggae originators The Congos on ‘Icon Give Thanks,’ an iconoclastic modern classic. Subsequent solo efforts ‘The Inner Treaty’ (2012), ‘Belomancie’ (2014) and ‘Gazebo Effect’ (2015) have seen him move further away from musical convention into improvised, rhythmically free, and seemingly interactive sound vistas, capable of communicating profound visions wordlessly.

Date: Mon 28th September | Time/Price: 7pm/ £8.50 adv

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