Brighton Gigs August 2016

Top 10 Brighton Gigs August 2016

Published On August 4, 2016 | By Brighton Noise | Homepage, Music & Nightlife Features

Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs August 2016!

Brighton Gigs August 2016Imarhan @ Komedia Studio

Imarhan are the latest in a production line of awesome bands formed by Tuareg people, including the peerless Tiniwiren & latterly Tamikrest. The Tuareg are a North Central African people, inhabiting the Saharan region, with their area crossing the national boundaries of Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Libya.

Choosing to break the self-imposed presentational shackles of their forefathers Imarhan’s image is jeans and leather jackets, which puts the focus on their special musical alchemy. Polyrhythmic funk, plays with John Lee Hooker guitar styling, with the occasional successful foray into assouf (lonesome longing.) Their self-titled debut is this writer’s album of the year currently.

Date/ Time: Thursday 4th August/ 7.30 pm
Price: £11.00 adv

Brighton Gigs August 2016Hip-hop  All-dayer @ Concorde 2

Lovely bit of transatlantic hip-hop to fill your summer day? And by a bit we mean absolutely loads of it! Headed up by absolute legends The Beatnuts. Plus Ocean Wisdom, Camden-born but now a local lad. If you haven’t heard his all-conquering ‘Walkin’ you need to get on that right now. He’s been all over the shop over the last twelve months and clearly destined for international things.

And  you’ll get your money’s worth from Along Came Shifty. The UK eight-piece live collective. As diverse as they are massive sounding. Bid dubby, a bit soulful, bit hip hop anthems all round.

Date/ Time: 6th Aug
Price: £17.50

Brighton Gigs August 2016Be Nothing Is 5 (All Dayer feat. Bleached, Fake Laugh, Japanese Breakfast) @ Green Door Store

We’re really, really fond of local promoters Be Nothing and their 5 years of operation has seen them carve a genreless niche of taking early risks on acts that generally go on to great things.

Past success stories include Julia Holter, Mac De Marco & Girl Band and the number of artists that continue to play for Be Nothing as the venues get bigger, speaks volumes about how they look after their acts. Their 5th birthday party features LA based ex-Mika/Miko punk charmers Bleached, fast rising London psych-popper Fake Laugh and Pitchfork approved, widescreen, woozy indie-rockers Japanese Breakfast.

Date/ Time: Sunday 7 August / 3.00p.m
Price: £5.00

Brighton Gigs August 2016Sweet Williams album release @ The Hope (Downstairs)

Five years after the release of their awesome debut ‘bliss,’ comes Sweet Williams’ hotly anticipated follow up ‘Please Let Me Sleep on Your Tonight.’ The two tracks released from it so far give you an idea of what makes them special.

The gorgeous guitar textures and fascinating dynamics of ‘Come Swimming,’ are reminiscent of Slint, whilst short but oh so sweet ‘The Deer Song’ rides a thick bass hook, reminiscent of that sweet point of American rock music where alt-rock started to become grunge. Recent live performances have elicited wordless amazement from long term fans and newcomers alike.

Date/ Time: Wednesday 10 August/ 9.00 p.m
Price: Free

Brighton Gigs August 2016Ghostlimb/Graf Orlock @ Prince Albert

Ooft, definitely the heaviest thing on this month, this summer most likely. Los Angeles demented punk/hardcore/metal crossover scumbags Ghostlimb. It’s so much that under normal circumstances there will be barely any room for Graf Orlock. Which is of course impossible. Also hailing from LA the four-piece make a noise that even by grindcore standards is pretty ridiculous.

If you haven’t heard grindcore before, imagine the absolute logical conclusion of punk and metal, but bassier and angrier, and angrier. Also appearing are post-hardcore types Rope, and Kalloused. And it’s at The Albert too so there’s really no getting away from it.

Date/ Time: Wednesday 10th Aug
Price: £9

Brighton Gigs August 2016Fear Factory @ Concorde 2

Amazing fact, well, amazing fact if you are into metal anyway – Fear Factory invented djent. Think about it: industrialish sound, tandem guitar and drums riffs, dystopian lyrical themes, growls into over-produced vocals.

This may or may not be a good thing but we should at least give Fear Factory their due. They were easily one of the key metal bands of the nineties. And the good news is, they largely sound the same, even down to the Terminator obsessed lyrics. Catch them in this warm up show before Bloodstock playing tunes from their new album Genexus.

Date/ Time: Friday 12th Aug
Price: £17.50

Brighton Gigs August 2016Irma Vep @ Shakespeare’s Head (Chatham Place)

On a day of outrageously strong music at the Hookworms headlined ‘Escape from The Great Escape’ event at The West Hill hall in May, Irma Vep’s frighteningly intense, electric guitar and voice was a real stand out. Normally seen with a band playing weirdly psychedelic music, we think it’s solo where he excels.

Playing continuous, mood guitar and reverbed, mournful vocals, he’s similar in in intent to Newcastle’s Richard Dawson. There’s something about both acts that sees an audience keep quiet and emotionally invest in the performance and you won’t get much better than free on a Brighton backstreet on a Monday night.

Date/ Time: Monday 15 August/ 8.30 p.m
Price: Free

Brighton Gigs August 2016Inwards @ Prince Albert

We have to read a lot of bad bios, some boring, some funny, some baffling and some just plain wrong. It’s rare that we come across something that hits the nail on the head as succinctly as Inwards’ “A childlike sound-world hides a slightly unnerving, psychedelic undertone, simultaneously pleasing restless feet and hazy minds.”

It’s the restless feet that get more of a workout live, showing an Aphex Twin like flair for modular synth wizardry with complex yet danceable drums. We’re really looking forward to catching, the soundcloud has some of the loveliest psych-pop songs we’ve heard in some time.

Date/ Time: Friday 19 August/ 8.00 p.m
Price: £4.00 adv

Brighton Gigs August 2016234 Fest @ Green Door Store

Surely one of the key annual events on the local Brighton calendar? 234 Fest is a completely free, two-day festival in the middle of town where green Door Store showcase all their favourite up-and-coming bands. There’s food, there’s drink and it’s *usually* pretty sunny.

This year the headliners are UK indie-rock heroes Johnny Foreigner and jangly Kentish chaps Get Inuit. Aaaaand you also get Kagoule, Hannah Lou Clark, Abattoir Blues, Get Inuit, DINGUS KHAN, Fake Laugh, The Amazons, Swedish Death Candy, Muskets, Porridge Radio, MarthaGunn + more.

Date/ Time: Sat/Sun 27th/28th Aug
Price: Free

Brighton Gigs August 2016Moloch @ The Quadrant

For all intents and purposes Nottingham’s Moloch may well be the best sludge metal band in the UK. They are certainly the most persistent. Properly uncomfortable heaviness with some truly distressing vocals, but we like that kind of thing.

Support comes from local ‘supergroup’ of sorts Grave Lines. They promise some despairing nefarious doom metal for the heads to enjoy. And Kalloused, locals who’ve hit the ground running. After releasing their debut album ‘Damn You Believer’ last year to much aplomb they have some proper scores to settle! F**king mental line-up or what?!?!

Date/ Time: Sat 27th Aug
Price: £4.00


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