Brighton gigs March 2016

Top 9 Brighton Gigs March 2016

Published On March 4, 2016 | By Brighton Noise | Homepage, Music & Nightlife Features

Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 9 best Brighton gigs March 2016!

Brighton gigs March 2016Barry Adamson @ Komedia

True story, Barry Adamson got a last-minute audition for post-punk heroes Magazine to play bass. He’d never played the instrument before so stayed up all night before, practicing with the bass wedged into his bed so he could hear the resonance of it.

Why is that important? Because it shows how mental/brilliant Adamson is. He was also once a Bad Seed, made soundtracks for David Lynch and Oliver Stone, has a prolific solo career and has his finger in too many pies to fit in here. A proper renaissance man, with more still to come.

Date: 2nd March
Price: £16.50

Brighton gigs March 2016Ulrich Schnauss @ The Haunt

It’s not easy to pigeonhole Ulrich Schanuss. He’s as ambient as he is shoegaze, as krauty as he is techno, not dance but certainly not rock. That’s fine though, why pigeonhole at all?

Schanuss creates wonderful warm undulating waves of commotion that will more than adequately fill your soul, leaving you cleansed and full. It’s electronica brought perfectly into the live arena. He absolutely won at last year’s Drill festival and he will absolutely win again! Support comes from local electronic experimenter Bitbin and fabulous local Brighton Noise favourite Inwards. See him before he’s famous!

Date: 5th March
Price: £11

Brighton gigs March 2016Esben and The Witch @ The Green Door Store

It’s been over a year now since post-everything originalists Esben and The Witch moved from Brighton to Berlin in the aftermath of their brilliant Steve Albini recorded ‘A New Nature’ LP. In that time they’ve played Brighton just once and we miss them so it’s great that we are receiving a flying visit to The Green Door Store on their way to play Manchester’s Cosmosis Fesival. They are jawdropping live act; expect tinges of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Swans, The Jesus Lizard and PJ Harvey and given a new record is hopefully round the corner; perhaps we might get some early previews of future classics.

Date/ Time: Friday 11 March
Price: £9.00

Brighton gigs March 2016

Lee Scratch Perry @ The Concorde 2

Last time the living legend Lee Scratch Perry visited Brighton I, rather arrogantly, assumed he might be past it, whilst my wife went and loved it. I needed no further encouragement to redress this next time he came through but some came nonetheless.

He plays the much smaller Concorde (2011’s visit was to The Dome) and we are promised a run through 1976, stone cold classic ‘Super Ape’ album. For those not in the know; active since 1958, Perry has become regarded as the most inventive reggae producer of all-time either on records bearing his own name or those of esteemed collaborators like Bob Marley or The Congos.

Date/ Time: Sunday 13 March
Price: £22.00

Brighton gigs March 2016

Lubonomyr Melynk @ Komedia

Despite the ongoing homogenisation and commercialisation of Brighton’s multi-venue festival The Great Escape, last year there was an atypical lineup at St. George’s Church featuring the noisy electro of Blanck Mass and Rival Consoles. Between those two and stealing the night was Ukrainian composer/pianist Lubomyr Melynk.

Thankfully local promoters Melting Vinyl agreed that 30 minutes was not enough to showcase his talent and are bringing him to The Komedia. Noted for his continuous music, a piano technique based on extremely rapid notes and complex note-series, usually with the sustain pedal held down to generate overtones and sympathetic resonances. It produces a noise at once intricate, yet overwhelming.

Date/ Time: Tuesday 15 March/ 7.30
Price: £16.00

bazookaBazooka Friday @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Once was a time when the punks and hippies just couldn’t get on. Well those days are gone. Being a filthy angry punk doesn’t preclude you from taking all the acid in the world you know…

Bazooka are a sterling example of that. Bringing their psychepunk mess from Greece for your deranged pleasure. It’s out of tune, out of style and utterly brilliant. Support comes from Icelandic mentalists Pink Street Boys, local fucktard geniuses Fuoco and Mister Lizard, who are the best band this writer has seen so far this year. Brutal, ridiculous, combatative and unmissable.

Date/ Time: 18th March
Price: £5

Brighton gigs March 2016

Field Music @ The Haunt

There’s a certain kind of act this country manages to sustain, despite internet piracy, which manages to be just complex enough to elude mainstream success despite recording accessible, amazing music like British Sea Power or The Phantom Band.

We’re fed up of saying this about Sunderland’s Field Music but here goes. Their new album ‘Commontime’ is outstanding, a funkier beast than previous outings that should surely see them playing to audiences bigger than The Haunt. Their latest single even gained a ‘thumbs up’ from Prince. In reality we suspect it won’t sell out and no one really cares. Prove us wrong.

Date/ Time: Sunday 20 March
Price: £11.00

Brighton gigs March 2016Teen Creeps @Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

We’ll eat our hats if Teen Creeps aren’t named after the No Age song of the same name as they traverse the same furiously hard yet ridiculously catchy punk/shoegaze world as the Sub Pop signed American two-piece. Check out last year’s split on Bandcamp with Mind Rays, it’s brilliant.

Equally noticeable about this gig is the strength of the supporting cast. Perch are formed from the ashes of local faves Fat Bicth. Porridge Radio had ex- NME and Melody Maker journo of legend Everett True proclaiming them as’ The Greatest Band in The World’ based on 30 seconds of performance. Think what 30 minutes will be like.

Date/ Time: Thursday 24 March
Price: £5.00

Brighton gigs March 2016Refused @ Concorde 2

One of the great cult bands of the nineties and certainly one of the pivotal post-hardcore bands. After a staggering seventeen year gap they are back with last year’s much lauded album Freedom. But do they still cut the mustard? Of course.

Refused have far too much credibility to reunite as a cash-in, and now adding Fal-like post punk and krauty textures to the fold. Support comes from fellow Swede Anna von Hausswolff. A typically leftfield choice of support Anna creates a sumptuous noise reminiscent of Lykke Li and Esben and The Witch. Who said gigs weren’t good value for money?

Date/ Time: Friday 27th March
Price: £20

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