Top 10 Brighton Gigs September 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs September 2016!

Brighton gigs September 2016Machines In Heaven @ The Hope and Ruin

This is an interesting one to say the least. Machines in Heaven, firmly part of an extremely fertile Glasgow electro scene in that has birthed CHVRCHES, are on their first visit to Brighton.

They are hot on the heels of some extremely well regarded BBC sessions and critical love for their second LP ‘Phenomenology.’ If that wasn’t enough a stuffed bill includes electro-kraut party starters Motherbox, gorgeous ambient excursions from Japanese Sweets and straight up noise from Fedtschtschak.

The icing on this particular cake is two unique audio visual collaborations with visual artists Mineral Lick and Dario Villaneuva.

Date/ Time: Friday 2nd September / 19:30 pm
Price: £5.00 adv

Brighton gigs September 2016Fort Process Festival @ Newhaven Fort

So… bit different this, not exactly Brighton, more, well, Newhaven.

Ask yourself though, when did you last head east to see some of the world’s finest sound artists and avant garde musicians playing in an abandoned Victorian military instillation? You will also get to see some of Brighton’s finest and upcoming ‘heads’ rubbing shoulders with the elite.

Artists include: Pierre Bastien, Limpe Fuchs, Toshimaru Nakamura, Skatgobs, Tom Richards: Mini-Oramics, Mariska De Groot, Darsha Hewitt – Electrostatic Bell Choir, Audrey Chen, Crush!!!, Graham Dunning.

Date/ Time: Saturday 3rd September
Price: £38.50

Brighton gigs September 2016Josephine Foster @ Prince Albert

This writer caught a belter of a show from the Colorado based, minimal folk, singer-songwriter Josephine Foster a couple of years ago at The Green Door Store and has been eagerly awaiting another one ever since.

2012’s ‘Blood Rushing’ won her a Wire cover and there was plenty of other critical love for its sparse and natural songwriting. New album ‘No More Lamps In The Morning’ aims to repeat the trick of twinning a melancholy voice and minimalistic guitar with soft cello, reminiscent of a gold-rush era shack.

Favourable comparisons have been made to Vashti Bunyan and Joanna Newsom.

Date/ Time: Tuesday 13 September / 8.00 pm
Price: £10.00 adv

Brighton gigs September 2016Soccer 96/ Merlin Tonto @ The Hope and Ruin

Back in late 2012, in our fledgling days as an entity we put on some of our favourite bands at The Green Door Store for the first time. That line-up featured the all live – no laptops, synth and drum madness of Soccer 96 and the gorgeous krautrock sounds of Cinemascopes.

Now four years on, with a debut album to promote and in the wake of their Mercury Music Prize nominated work with The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96 play their first hometown show since Christmas.

The other band that night Cinemascopes shed a few members, started channelling their inner Carl Craig and having renamed themselves Merlin Tonto are one of Brighton’s best underground acts.

Date/ Time: Friday 16 September / 9.00 p.m
Price: £5.00

Brighton gigs September 2016Cowtown @ The Hope and Ruin

This column might sometimes be accused of having an aversion to fun music, we can’t help it, we’re music nerds.

However, even our bearded, bespectacled, hipster hearts melt when confronted with Britain’s foremost 6 legged post-punk synth-pop-noise machine, Cowtown. Perhaps named after a They Might Be Giants song, Devo, Pere Ubu and The B52’s are more obviously influential as according to the band the movie soundtracks of their 80’s youth.

Their most recent album ‘Paranormal Romance’, their fourth, fits more into 23 minutes than other mortals have in entire careers.

Expect dancing and good times.

Date/ Time: Wednesday 21 September / 8.00 p.m
Price: £5.00 adv

Brighton gigs September 2016My Life Story @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

One of Britpop’s best kept secrets. No idea why. Fantastic baroque-pop songs, incredible frontman in Brighton-resident Jake Shillingford, lush string arrangements, choruses to die for, and more pomp and sexiness than you can shake a caine at.

According to anyone with an ear, the problem with contemporary pop is that it’s too minimal. Not so with My Life Story, songs are set to maximal with layer upon layer in the finest eighties tradition. There is a poetic brilliance to their lyrics. A sort of neo romanticism by way of kitchen sink realism that is altogether very Brighton!

Date/ Time: Friday 23rd September
Price: £13.20

Brighton gigs September 2016Silver Apples @ Patterns

Since the dawn of time Silver Apples have been handed down by generations of weirdos that need that specific gonzo fix.

Like The Naked Lunch, Kenneth Anger and Robert Crumb. Perhaps not quite the same weight of counterculture household names, but they have an influence that means five decades in, they still tour the globe.

Their components are a thing of beauty – a table of incomprehensible oscillators and weirdo-jazz beats. No different from the sixties, but rather than sounding dated and spent, they appear even more esoteric and out of step than they did in the first place.

Date/ Time: Saturday 24th September
Price: £12.10

Brighton gigs September 2016Red Fang / Torche @ Concorde 2

Red Fang unlike their brutal Relapse label mates are, dare we say it, light-hearted sludgy stoner rock. More about beer than misanthropy. It’s rock, it’s a laugh, get over it man, they’ll be your friends!

Torche are a compelling beast. Somehow totally doomy sludge, but with a poppy hooky element that shouldn’t work but completely does. Which means you can get your riffs on and sing along. It’s like the top 40 Melvins you always wanted. Making this quite a tidy double header.

And opening the night is Wolverhapton heavy rockers God Damn. Sorted all round then.

Date/ Time: Monday 26th September
Price: £16.50

Brighton gigs September 2016Mammoth Fest  @ Various Brighton Venues

Now a proper Brighton institution. The appropriately named Mammoth Fest is putting on their biggest event yet.

Three full days of all the cannon of metal at five Brighton venues. Metal is great, the people are nice, the music is utterly horrible. But in case you have noticed, in 2016 the whole world is horrible. The headliners are djent royalty Netherlanders Textures and one of the all-time metal heavyweights and greatest bands of the eighties, Venom inc Go to metal Do it, do it now!

Line-up also includes: Heart Of A Coward, Opium Lord, Bong Cauldron, Garganjua, Boss Keloid.

Date/ Time: Friday 30th September – Sunday October 2nd
Price: £77

Brighton gigs September 2016BITCHCRAFT 4: Psych All-Nighter (feat. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Vanishing Twin, Baba Naga) @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

We’re half expecting this one to be an elaborate prank, or possibly worse, because on the face of it, this looks too good to be true; an all-nighter featuring local, national and international talent, running from 7pm to 4am.

It’s a good time of the year to be doing this sort of thing with the UK’s premier psych-fest happening in Liverpool the preceding weekend. No surprise then that it’s acts from that festival that comprise the majority of the bill, such as the Mexican shoegaze/ kraut 2-piece Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, hazy Gallic-posters Vanishing Twins and the more traditional doom-metally Black Sabbath types Baba Naga.

Date/Time: Friday 30 September | 7.00 p.m
Price: Free


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