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Published On July 11, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Music & Nightlife Features

Wolverhampton brewed Amy Forrester went to V Festival in the summer of ‘99, watched some bands and went straight home to learn the drums.

Once she had honed her slightly Bobby Gillespie-esque drumming style, she taught herself to play the guitar and experimented with some pedals. Next she created a kazoo out of an old toilet roll holder, discovered she could sing and decided she could never do anything else but make music. Thus, AMiTY was born.

Four years on and AMiTY has emerged from a studio – housed in the spare room of her ex’s uncle – her bedroom, with a debut EP full of catchy lo-fi pop songs that steal hearts and cause dance floor invasions.

AMiTY’s debut EP was recorded and produced by Lee Perry at Bleep Music and independently released in June 2011.


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