One Inch Badge Interview with David Gillespie

Published On July 25, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Music & Nightlife Features

One Inch Badge (or OIB it’s also known) is an independent record label and promoter based in Brighton. Founded by Alex Murray, OIB was created as he was disheartened by the lack of support the true Brighton music scene was receiving at the time, this lead to the launch of a label that focussed on the artist to help promote artists who would otherwise go unseen.

We spoke to David Gillespie from OIB about what they are up to at the moment and their plans for the future.

How did OIB start and why?

It was started about 6 years ago by Alex, it started with him releasing records for artists that he loved. So we started as a record label and then to promote these records OIB would put on shows at the Freebut, which is no longer there and all of the shows always went so well that the next time the bands were back in town the agents were always really keen for OIB to do their shows. Very quickly Alex found he was putting on more shows that releasing records so OIB became predominantly a promoter, however we are still active as a label.

I think we read somewhere that Alex wasn’t happy with the way bands were being treated at the time?

Yes and also alot of great music in Brighton wasn’t being heard which is why we still do the best of Brighton with the Sea Monsters compilation album every year so we’re giving something back into promoting Brighton artists. That’ll be in January and there will be a music festival in the last week of January, we’re really excited about it, we’re thinking about artists at the moment, there’s been so much great stuff this year.

How do you feel about the music industry in Brighton at the moment?

It’s very active! I think bands have alot of choice now in every respect, great venues to play in, promoters to play for and the list goes on. I think it’s very healthy but also very competitive with the sheer volume of bands, you can walk around on any given evening and find at least 5 shows. There’s more options for bands than there used to be.

What is OIB up to at the moment and is there anyone in particular you want to talk about that your working with?

At the moment we’re programming 2014 whilst also trying to keep on top of about 20 shows a month so we’re really busy. There’s 2 really big shows in All Saints Church Polisa and Anna Calvi one night after the next which is pretty crazy! We’re working on a few projects for 2014 that I can’t really talk about yet but it’s really exciting! Personally I can’t wait for White Denim at The Haunt (17th November), It’s one of favorite records of the last five years, it’s amazing getting to work with artists and bands that you totally love.

How have OIB got to where they are now, was it tough? Was there alot of competition?

Definitely, year on year is been non stop hard work, the recession has hit music hard and tickets are expensive and especially with the sheer volume of shows in Brighton that you would want to go to it all adds up. But for us year on year the company has always grown. It’s been tough but if you work hard it goes in the right direction.

What does the future hold for OIB?

We’ll be expanding. We do around 200 shows a year mostly in Brighton but also London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow. We’re still an independent local company and Brighton is home but we aspire to be operating nationally.

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