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Published On September 26, 2013 | By Tom Sayer | Music & Nightlife Features

Ryan Keen is a bright star in the future of new acoustic music. Born and raised in Totnes, Devon he has a chilled-out seaside vibe to his music, which combines gentle melodies and impressive technical guitar playing, fitting somewhere between Newton Faulkner and Ed Sheeran, which is quite a comfortable place to be!

Having been lucky enough to see him perform at Wakestock Festival back in 2012, I can see and hear that he has come a long way over the last year and his self-funded shed recorded debut album, released on Monday 23rd September, is a must buy.

With his already well established fan base, his upcoming tour including Brighton’s Concorde 2 on October 6th is sure to be a hit so catch him across the UK this October if you can.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask him ten quick questions in amongst his busy schedule so here you are. Enjoy!


Q: If money was no object, what music video would you make?

A: Hmmm good question…. A music video in space I think!


Q: Do you feel like a different person on stage than you are walking down the street? Is it nice to not necessarily be recognized in public but then so well received when you are performing?

A: Yeah I guess but it’s a very different situation, I’m always happy to be on stage doing what I love! Yea it’s great, I’m not seeking fame but having good turn outs and good receptions at gigs is always humbling.


Q: Who did you have posters of on your wall when you were growing up?

A: Bob Marley and John Lennon


Q: What are your musical aspirations over the next five years?

A: I’d like to have achieved international success, and released another two albums (minimum!)


Q: Do you have any pre-gig rituals or lucky mascots?

A: Nothing unusual sorry! Just normal vocal warm ups etc


Q: Do you ever visualise your music videos when you’re playing those songs live?

A: I normally try to get back to where my head was at when I wrote the song, if I draw back to that emotion I think I perform the song better.


Q: Is there any artist in a different genre that you’d really like to work with?

A: I’d love to work with James Blake.


Q: What role do you think the internet has played in your success so far?

A: I haven’t been great with doing loads of YouTube videos or going viral but the Internet has been a great way for me to be able to speak directly with fans at any time. I’m always interacting with people on Twitter and Facebook and I love Instagram too.


Q: Do you usually write the music or the lyrics first?

A: It’s normally the music first but I quite often get a certain line/phrase/concept that will inspire the song.


Q: Finally, what was your first guitar, when did you get it and did you give it a name?

A: I got my first guitar on my 8th birthday, it was a 3/4 size classical guitar. I don’t think it ever got a name unfortunately!

Words by Tom Sayer


Ryan Keen
Concorde 2
6th October



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