Steve Reich: Radio Rewrite

Published On February 19, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Music & Nightlife Features

When: Thursday 7 March, 7.30PM, £10 – £26
Where: Brighton Dome

One Inch Badge in association with London Sinfonietta present STEVE REICH live at The Dome, Brighton Thursday 7th of March, performing Radio Rewrite, a major new work inspired by Radiohead’s songs Everything In Its Right Place and Jigsaw Falling Into Place. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity to witness “The greatest living composer of our time” (New York Times)

Steve Reich has said of his new work:

In September 2010 I was in Krakow for a festival of my music. One of the featured performers was Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead who had prepared all the backing tracks for my piece, Electric Counterpoint and then played electric guitar live against those tracks in concert. It was a great performance and we began talking. I found his background as a violist and his present active role as a composer extremely interesting when added to his major role in such an important and innovative rock group. When I returned home I made it a point to go online and listen to their music.

I chose to reference two songs from Radiohead for an ensemble of musicians playing non-rock instruments. The two songs chosen were Everything in its Right Place and Jigsaw Falling Into Place… it was not my intention to make anything like ‘variations’ on these songs, rather to draw on the harmonies and some melodic fragments and work them into my piece. This is what I have done. As to actually hearing the original songs, the truth is – sometimes you hear them and sometimes you don’t.

Radio Rewrite is the result of an on-going fruitful collaboration between the London Sinfonietta and Steve Reich, who has composed and performed with the group over many years.

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