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Published On July 30, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Music & Nightlife Features

The Qemists are a drum and bass band from Brighton, United Kingdom signed to Ninja Tune indie record label based in London. The band consists of bassist Dan Arnold, drummer Leon Harris and guitarist Liam Black.

The Qemists are, in many ways, something of a Qonundrum. They’re Rock kids seduced by the dancefloor, Dance kids equally happy playing live instruments or building tracks on the computer, Drum & Bass aficionados who believe their hurtling breakbeats sound best under muscular metallic riffs. Their debut album, 2009’s ‘Join The Q’, juggled Junglist Metal monsters like ‘Stompbox’, gonzoid Techno throbbers like ‘S.W.A.G.’, and wall-shaking Dancehall boomers like ‘Dem Na Like Me’ with a diverse guest-list including ex-Faith No More frontman Mike Patton, Grime legend Wiley and Drum & Bass chanteuse Jenna G.

The Qemists deliver a decisively powerful, nuanced set, balancing balls-to-the-wall bangers like ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Your Revolution’ – where the galloping break-beats and blasts of sub-bass send the listener hurtling on a sonic roller-coaster ride – with powerfully emotional tracks like the yearning, desperate ‘Hurt Less’ and the melancholic pulse of ‘Fading Halo’. The music contained on ‘Spirit In The System‘ might defy definition, but it does so boldly, proudly and brilliantly, fusing the dynamics of Rock with the muscular tempos of Drum & Bass and the visceral rush of Rave into a sound that’s fearlessly all their own.

“The younger members of our audience know its okay to be into all different kinds of music, that you don’t have to limit yourself in your creativity” said Liam.

The Qemist Website

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