Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs June 2016!

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Bomb Shop Session @ Green Door Store

A winning showcase of acts from the Bomb Shop label. Somehow the GCHQ haven’t shut them down yet so their evening of experimental electronica and bass shall proceed.

Rough Fields move effortlessly from soothing indietronica to bouncy synthpop and all in between. Cru Servers is an audio-visual collaborative project with more than a hint of vaporwave aesthetic and abstract noise about it. Ambrosia is all curmudgeoning loops that are as abrasive as they are relaxing, somehow. ADULT MAGS is probably the most danceable act of the night, just. Probably not going to be bothering Radio 1’s Dance Anthems soon though!

Date/ Time: 6th June/ 7pm
Price: TBC

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Native Ray @ The Prince Albert

Undoubtedly Native ray are one of the most exciting new Brighton bands of 2016. This will be their sixth gig in only a few months, so fervent has been their reception so far they are constantly snapped up.

The band were formed out of the ashes of the much missed Hypnotized, and you can hear that psychey sound bubbling away underneath, but Native Ray are an entirely different beast. Massive club filling beats, soaring melodies, dense atmospherics. They have an album under their belt already. With that much ambition we are clearly looking at something quite special indeed.

Date/ Time: 10th June/ 8pm
Price: £4

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Bob Log III @ Bleach

If you haven’t heard of Bob Log III you are in for a treat. He’s a one man swampy blues catastrophe all the way from Tucson, Arizona. He plays in a stunt driver suit and a motorcycle helmet.

He plays slide guitar and drums and shouts a shitload at you. So far so good. Rather amazingly, he can kick drum with two girls sat on his knees. Not sure how socially progressive any of this is, but it’s the blues. And the blues stopped at least fifty years ago. Support from growling rock n’ roll drinkathon Thee Gravemen and the Cheating Hearts.

Date/ Time: 11th June/ 8pm
Price: £11

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Mbongwana Star @ Komedia Main Bar

Hats off to One Inch Badge for making this one happen. Mbongwana Star’s debut ‘From Kinshasa,’ was released to deserved critical acclaim last year, notably coming 5th in Brighton’s own Resident Records albums of 2015.

The excitement of the record was generated by it remaining faithful to Congolese rumba, albeit a bastardised hybrid of it, using up to date production techniques and electro influences. If you don’t trust us, have a listen to the track ‘Malukayi’ they did last year with legends of African music Konono No 1, it’s a total banger.

Date/ Time: Monday 13 June / 7.30pm
Price: £12.00 (adv)

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Cold Pumas @ The Hope and Ruin

Back at the turn of the last decade, Cold Pumas, were like Brighton’s house band, playing so frequently we started to take them for granted.

They even played the opening night of The Green Door Store! Then, due to a number of factors, including three of the band moving to London, we’ve only had sporadic appearances in recent times, making those gigs the more special. Second album ‘Fugue States’ is currently being readied for release and sounds like it will continue the icy, dissonant post punk that was such a memorable feature of their debut album, ‘Persistent Malaise.’

A recent Mark Riley session suggested they’ve lost none of their live fire.

Date/ Time: Friday 17 June/ 8.00pm
Price: £6.50 (adv)

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Red Deer People @ Marwoods

Red Deer People are one of those quintessentially post-millennial things, the genreless band. Well, sort of. Bits and bobs of punk, post-punk, the new wave of post-punk, shoegaze and of course a load of indie (punk).

The whole package is effortlessly taught. They are effortlessly handsome, and play effortlessly together. Why aren’t they famous? They’d be NME covers stars, if people still read the NME. Support from the equally genreless and equally fabulous Brighton Noise heroes Emperors of Ice Cream and the ironically named noisegazers Lunar Quiet. It’s in the tiny confines of Marwoods Coffee Shop too. Should be pretty special.

Date/ Time: 19th June/ 8pm
Price: £4

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Braids @ Patterns

Braids are practically begging to become more than a cult concern in this country and deserve greater mass attention than they are currently getting.

Beautiful first album ‘Native Speaker’ was a dream pop record that was good enough to make the shortlist of ten for 2011 Polaris Music Prize. 2013’s ‘Flourish//Perish’ was a brave and dense album of vocally led progressive electronica.

Last year’s ‘Deep In The Iris’ is a hit filled combination of the band’s two sides, complete with ‘Miniskirt’ a feminist anthem to rival the best of them. They return to a bigger venue than on prior visits with a new EP ‘Companion.’

Date/ Time: Tuesday 21 June/ 7.00pm
Price: £10.00

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Concorde 2

The Brian Jonestown Massacre may be destined to be remembered for the foibles of their unpredictable front-man, Anton Newcombe rather than their often outstanding music. There have been upwards of 20 members in the band’s tumultuous history and their legacy is hardly helped by the documentary ‘Dig!’ which juxtaposed Newcombe’s erratic behaviour and decline into drug addiction with the global success of one-time Newcombe apprentices The Dandy Warhols.

It’s a shame because their career has spawned a ridiculously strong back catalogue of psych-pop that would probably take all night to play the highlights of, something Newcombe tried on a prior visit, having to be dragged off the Concorde stage well after midnight.

Date/ Time: Wednesday 22 June & Thursday 23 June/ 7.30pm
Price: £16.00

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016Destruction Unit @The Hope and Ruin

What would happen if you took the shoegaze noise overload of A Place To Bury Strangers, mixed the world-weary hardcore punk cynicism of Pissed Jeans, with the urgent overpowering rhythm section of Motorhead? Something like Phoenix based psych-punks Destruction Unit, we wager.

They’re a band who’s records might suffer from being a little similar but it’s a sound that lends itself to being frighteningly savage live. This is no Tame Impala psych, it’s the badass, bad trip variety designed to bludgeon and terrify its audience. That they’re long term fixtures of Sacred Bones records (home to Marissa Nadler, Blanck Mass and Jenny Hval) is indicative of the quality of the offering.

Date/ Time: Wednesday 29 June/ 7.30 pm
Price: £7.50

Top 10 Brighton Gigs June 2016grasshopper @ Marwoods

Suppose it shouldn’t matter how old you are and just being young doesn’t specifically make you cool but in grasshopper’s case IT ABSOLUTELY DOES!

If you combine them all together they will still get refused in the Pav Tav. Yet they’ve played loads and loads of gigs in that time? Tellingly they are great. Energy punk energy garage energy rock. That’s all that’s small though – big songs, big melodies, big ambitions. Support from the mysterious alex hedley who must be good as he’s hosted on a nordic giants track. And remember, it’s grasshopper with a small ‘g’. Always small.

Date/ Time: 30 June/ 8pm
Price: £4



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