Brighton Babylon: a novel by Peter Jarrette

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This weekend will see the official launch of the commended novel Brighton Babylon. The novel is written by Brighton author Peter Jarrette and is based on true stories of his experiences as a resident in the characteristic seaside city. Jarrette explains that “there have been so very many event highs and personal experiences that have solidified Brighton as one of the most enjoyable cities out of the many I’ve lived and worked in”.

In Brighton Babylon, PK Heights is a Grade II listed maisonette flat in one of the City’s up and coming Regency Squares that provides the elegant base for a series of interlocking true stories about the city’s people and their lives. Jarrette connects to his readers by creating situations they can relate to. “Readers can expect to recognise, wherever they may live, types of people they have around them now. The backdrop may be different, our zany city and our sense of living that makes Brighton different to anywhere on earth, but the lives and concerns are universal”.

Brighton Babylon is the first book in the UK to use WeJIT technology. The WeJIT app has been applied to the kindle version of the e-book which opens the book up to a much larger audience and allows readers to share their views and questions between other readers and the author. Jarrette accepted the offer to use this technology as “the app provides the chance to promote tourism to the city and draw attention to places discussed in the book: where to shop, to eat, to stay, what to read and what to experience – it’s amazing”.

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Peter Jarrette is a UK based internationally published author, artist, and magazine columnist (Absolute Brighton Magazine & Caribbean BELLE). He is the co-author of four children’s books published by Little Simon/Simon & Schuster. He trained as an editorial illustrator at Parsons Art & Design College in Manhattan. Curious as to what influenced the idea of Brighton Babylon, Jarrette explains “I think there is a story in every city or town to be told and this rollicking place gave rise to these outrageous stories…I couldn’t resist getting them all down on paper as they unfolded around me”.

Internationally acclaimed UK direction Steven Bendelack has signed on to direct the UK television adaption of Brighton Babylon written by award winning screenwriter Jody Medland. Steven Bendelack has worked on a range of film and television series such as; Little Britain, League of Gentleman, Mr Bean and The Mighty Boosh. Jarrette states “The television adaptation will keep the authenticity of my voice and truth of the city”. The team will work together to pin point places, faces and the behavior of the city. Open castings will be held to ensure that the cast will consist of both A-list stars and real city people. Jarrette describes that “Brighton is a natural backdrop for some stunning story lines that unfold in the adaptation and it will definitely be the star”.

Brighton Babylon has received many enthusiastic endorsements from successful authors. Crime writer Peter James said, “his glorious evocation is so rich and vivid, you can taste and smell the city on every page.”

Brighton Babylon will be released as a paperback to booksellers nationwide from February 19th and online at a range of suppliers including Amazon, WHSmith, and Sainsbury’s entertainment. Brighton Babylon retails at £12.99 published by Dynasty Press Ltd. London.

The official launch and book signing will be held at Naked Eye Gallery in Hove on Sunday February 17th from 2PM to 5PM. Peter Jarrette is available for book signings and interviews.

To reserve copies of Brighton Babylon call Brighton Waterstones (71-74 North St) on 0843 290 8181.

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