Brighton Fringe 2015

Brighton Fringe 2015 Highlights

Published On March 20, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | Brighton Fringe 2015, Theatre & Arts Features, Things to do features

Brighton Fringe returns to the City once more with hundreds of great shows to choose from! It can be pretty hard to know how to spend your precious time so check out our definitive guide to this years highlights from Theatre to Music and everything in between. Here are our Brighton Fringe Highlights 2015.

Strip Theatre presents: Eigengrau

Eigengrau brighton fringeA biting black comedy of leprechauns, love and stalking from one of the writers of ‘Fresh Meat’. Four twenty-somethings try to connect in a city where Gumtree feels like your closest friend. Rose believes in true love. Cassie fights against patriarchal oppression. Across London, Mark champions marketing and Tim can’t get out of bed. “A quietly potent modern misery” (Time Out).


Venue – Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times – 29th April – 7.30pm, 2nd-3rd May 1pm, 12th-13th May 8.30pm
Price/s  £11 (£9.50)

Interactive Theatre International presents: The Wedding Reception

The Wedding ReceptionYou were not invited to the wedding because Kate and Will eloped to avoid massive family arguments. But now they’re back to face the music and they want to celebrate with everyone. Be one of the guests at the wedding reception as their story unfolds around you. It’s a roller-coaster journey, but in the end, there is cake! A new immersive comedy, with meal included, from the producers of ‘Faulty Towers The Dining Experience’. 

– Sussex County Cricket Club
Dates/Times – 1st-2nd, 8th-9th May 7pm
Price/s – £39

BurntOut Theatre presents: Muscovado

MuscovadoMuscovado is the scorching new play by Matilda Ibini about slavery in 19th Century Barbados. A heady mix of sexual intrigue, piercing choral music and extreme racial tension, Muscovado provides an unflinching portrayal of life on a sugar plantation in 1808, accompanied by an original musical score and atmospheric soundscape. “A truly visceral experience.” **** British Theatre Guide. “This isn’t theatre for the faint-hearted – it’s gruelling stuff. Go if you can.” ****

Venue – The Dukebox @ St Andrew’s
Dates/Times  5th-6th, 26th-27th May 7.30pm, 7th May 2.15pm
Price/s  £8 (£6)

LOCAL ACT LOGOMy Mum the Chemo Ninja

My Mum the Chemo Ninja brighton fringeWhy grief’s not just about losing, but laughing. A daughter’s surprising discovery of positivity and joy in a world of diagnoses, death and being dumped. Adapted by Angela Wilson from her award-nominated blog, Funny Matters, about the loss of her mother to terminal cancer in 2012. Praise for Funny Matters: “Inspiring stuff” (Action For Happiness). “Wonderful work” (Dying Matters). “Truly brilliant. Made me cry and laugh” (blog subscriber). “Heart-opening, inspiring, and funny” (blog subscriber). 

Venue – Otherplace at the Basement: The Pit
Dates/Times – 5th-6th May 5.30pm, 27th-28th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £10 (£8.50)

Facelift Theatre presents: What’s in the Punch?

What’s in the Punch? brighton fringeWhat’s in the Punch? focuses on the character Mr. Punch from the children’s entertainment show Punch and Judy. Here we see him how he has never been seen before: life-size, old, alone, and wheelchair-bound. Set in a residential home, with only a Nurse to talk to, 352 year old Mr. Punch entertains himself by putting on his own show for his own imaginary audience. However, his show takes a darker turn when a few old friends arrive on his doorstep unannounced… 

– The Dukebox Theatre
Dates/Times – 7th-9th May 8pm
Price/s  £6 (£5)

Patch of Blue presents: Beans On Toast

Beans On Toast brighton fringeScott loves Jen. Jen loves Scott. Jen is gone. Warm, funny and touching memory play by lamp-light, with live folk music. When should we let go of what we’ve lost? Created and performed by this year’s graduates of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. “A triumph of simplicity which still captures the imagination and the heart” ***** (Broadway Baby).


Venue – The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 8th-10th May 7pm
Price/s  £9.50 (£8)

Wild Productions presents: Mrs Shakespeare

Mrs Shakespeare brighton fringeWilliam Shakespeare, reincarnated as a woman, finds herself in a mental asylum and comes to the conclusion that she has made a complete mess of writing ‘Hamlet’ 400 years earlier. Armed with a quill and beset by a rebellious cast who are anxious not to be rewritten, she embarks on an epic reformulation of theatre’s most famous text under the new title ‘Ophelia’. Unfortunately, William’s therapist is unsympathetic. Is that because he’s a reincarnated Christopher Marlowe?

– The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 8th May 7pm, 9th-10th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £11 (£9.50)

Eggs Collective presents: Eggs Collective Get A Round

Eggs Collective Get A Round brighton fringePinned on the arse-end of a night out, this is a show with lipstick on its teeth and Wotsits on its face. A wayward exploration of friendship and kindness that spills out towards its audience. In a world that tells us we’re not rich, thin or successful enough, Eggs Collective wonder if the basic principles of a good night out might make the world a better place. Eggs Collective are a trio making sharp, funny, politically-motivated performance that falls between the cracks of theatre and cabaret. 

Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 8th-10th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £8.50 (£6.50)

Show And Tell / On The Run presents: So It Goes

So It Goes brighton fringeHannah has always wanted to talk about her dad but since he died, she hasn’t quite managed it. Not to be defeated, she’s enlisted her friend David to help on a journey through memory, laughter and sorrow. A sell-out hit at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, ‘So It Goes’ explores the light and dark sides of grief in a playful, deeply personal show. “I’ve never seen a depiction of grief that is quite as deft, daring, amusing, extraordinary” ***** (Times). ***** (British Theatre Guide).

– Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times – 8th-10th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £12 (£10.50)

Wildheart & Lyric presents: Wolf Meat

Wolf Meat brighton fringeA brilliantly ridiculous take on Red Riding Hood, set in Grandma’s Croydon drugs den. A brand new show from emerging company Wildheart & Lyric, Wolf Meat brings absurdist humour & compelling storytelling to an irreverent world of dirty deals & mistaken identity. Using physical comedy, audience interaction, & live music, Wolf Meat subverts well-known characters & turns morals on their heads in this sexy, raucous, urban thriller. Directed by the internationally acclaimed Mick Barnfather.

Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 12th-15th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £9.50 (£7.50)

Duckdown Theatre presents: You

DuckdownIt’s today. Now in her mid-forties, Kathleen sits anxiously waiting for the arrival of the man she was forced to give up for adoption thirty years before and who has now traced her. With the excitement and anxiety of knowing that he can only be hours away, the years spent insulating herself against the pain of separation and loss fall away, as events and conversations from her fifteen-year-old past crowd in on her with a clarity that brings her story’s characters to life.

– The Rialto Theatre
Dates/Times/Prices – 12th-14th May 7.30pm £10 (£8) 15th-16th May 7.30pm £12.50 (£10)

Hoot! Theatre presents: On Being Yourself But Better

On Being Yourself But Better brighton fringeDark clown, drag and dance combine in this joyful fairground ride as four performers don their finest to flirt with big themes and invite you to do the same. Ridiculous, hilarious, baffling and unnerving, ‘On Being Yourself But Better’ is the debut show from Hoot! Theatre, an international Lecoq-trained company. “Imaginative and irreverent work” (View from the Gods). “Bitingly accurate social commentary … A fiercely different show” (Savage Online).

– The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 12th May 8.30pm, 26th May 8pm
Price/s  £9.50 (£8)

Bucket Club presents: Lorraine & Alan

Lorraine & Alan brighton fringeWhen Alan discovers a mysterious young woman lying amongst the seals, their lives become irreversibly entwined. ‘Lorraine & Alan’ is a modern re-telling of the Selkie myth with live electronic sound design, song and several hundred plastic bottles. “Loveable… buckets of charm” (Lyn Gardner, Guardian), “A triumph of layered, lo-fi storytelling and unexpected poignancy” (FEST), ***** (BroadwayBaby). Winner of the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence and the Musical Theatre Network Award for Innovation.

Venue – The Old Market
Dates/Times – 21st-22nd May 7.30pm
Price/s  £12 (£10)

Buddug James Jones presents: Hiraeth

Hiraeth brighton fringeDesperate to leave, Bud wrestles with the knowledge that her departure sounds the death knell for the family farm as she sets out alone into the big smoke. With live music and welsh cakes, ‘Hiraeth’ explores the decline of Welsh tradition and identity. Winner, IdeasTap Underbelly Award 2014. Winner, Best Production in the English Language at the Wales Theatre Awards 2015. “Sweetly hilarious lo-fi comedy” **** (Time Out). “Undoubtedly this year’s find.” **** (Evening Standard).

– Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times – 21st May 8.30pm, 22nd-23rd May 7.30pm
Price/s  £11 (£9.50)

AllthePigs Theatre Company presents: The Piano Man

The Piano Man brighton fringeIn 2005, a suited man washed up on the Kent coast with no recollection of where he came from, how he got there and who he was. He could not speak. No one could recognise him. But he could play Tchaikovsky. Inspired by real-life events, AllthePigs consider what a man might need to forget who he is. Silent for four months, the world speculated the Piano Man’s identity from the doctors who worked with him, to the press who vilified him as a fraud, and the countless people who claimed to know him.

Venue – Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times – 22nd-25th May 5.30pm
Price/s  £11 (£9.50)

FellSwoop Theatre presents: Current Location

Current Location brighton fringe“What do those words actually mean, the whole world obliterated? Everything we know and love just totally disappears?”. Set in the intimacy of a choir rehearsal room, award winning FellSwoop present an immersive piece of theatre and live music which explores how rumour and fear of inevitable change disrupts families, friends and communities. “Quietly gripping and thoroughly unsettling, this piece climbs inside you, like the best example of sci-fi” (Exeunt). 

– One Church
Dates/Times – 27th-29th May 7pm
Price/s  £11 (£9)

Old Trunk presents: Pramkicker

Pramkicker brighton fringeJude doesn’t want kids. Susie doesn’t know if her ovaries are twinging or if she just needs a wee. Susie got rid of a baby once. Jude got a dog. One day, in a café full of mummies, Jude loses the plot. Then gets arrested. Susie gets banged up too & uses the opportunity to confess a dark secret. Meet Pramkicker. Acclaimed Old Trunk present their new play by Sadie Hasler.


Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 28th-29th May 7.30pm
Price/s  £10 (£8)

Magnificent Bastard Productions Ltd. presents: Shit-faced Showtime

Shit-faced ShowtimeFrom the legendary Magnificent Bastard Productions (Shit-faced Shakespeare) comes an all new, all singing, all dancing, parody musical Revue. ‘Shit-faced Showtime’ is the best of Broadway … plus booze! Featuring the works of musical theatre’s greatest living composers and also some of the dead ones … Still what do they care, they’re dead. Either way we’re doing it with extra ‘jazz hands’ and while entirely shit-faced. 

– Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times/Prices – 1st & 4th May 9.30pm £11 (£9.50) (£38 Group of 4) 2nd & 3rd May 9.30pm £11 (£9.50) (£40 Group of 4)

Guruguru presents: Guruguru

GuruguruLaugh your head off with this 6’10” creature of bulbous presence. Dare to have a theatrical experience of disarming humour that will kick your ass out of ordinary mundanity. ‘Guruguru’ talks about our endless pursuit of happiness. Religion, science and philosophy used to be the most important sources to find the meaning of life. Happiness is the new promise of paradise. Chasing happiness is like chasing unicorns.

– The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 1st-4th May 10pm
Price/s  £10 (£8.50)

LOCAL ACT LOGOLaughing Horse @ Brighton Fringe

Laughing HorseThe Laughing Horse will be back at the Brighton Fringe for the 7th year in 2015, with shows from May 1st to 31st featuring almost 100 shows! Some acts not to miss include Harriet Kemsley, James Veitch, Omar Hamdi, Sarah Callaghan, Steve Bugeja, Tez Ilyas, Playback ImproSean Mcloughlin, SklentMichael Fabbri and Robin Morgan.


Venues – Caroline of Brunswick, Quadrant and Hobgoblin
Dates/Times – 1st – 31st May Various Times
Price/s  Free or under £10

Sam Stone & The Old Market presents: Laughtermarket

Laughtermarket“Top notch comedy night” **** (Latest 7) Laughtermarket is back for 2015 with another stonking night of headline acts and rising stars from the local scene. Headlined by Latitude Act of the Year, Paul McCaffrey “He has charm, charisma and success written all over him” (Evening Standard) is joined by Anna Morris “Darkly Hilarious” (Grazia), Phil Jerrod, Juliet Meyers and Darren Maskell. All held together by “Wickedly talented” (Time Out) MC, Sam Stone.

– The Old Market
Dates/Times – 7th May 8pm
Price/s  £8 (£7)

Colin Hoult presents: The Colin Hoult Shows

The Colin Hoult ShowsStar of ‘Derek’, ‘Being Human’ and ‘Carnival of Monsters’ returns to the Brighton Fringe with two entirely new shows: Sit on the Ledge and Jump Down to the Ground (7, 25 May): A tragicomic stand-up show about doing Ouija boards with Auntie Leslie, chasing steam trains with Uncle Keith and making training videos for Kwiksave. The Colin Hoult Comedy Collab Live (13, 14 May): Colin drags his favourite creations back onto the stage for more shenanigans with Anna Mann, Andy Parker and Thor!

Venue – The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 7th May 7pm, 13th-14th May 6.30pm, 25th May 6pm
Price/s  £8 (£6.50)

The Beta Males presents: The Beta Males Go Solo: Adam, Richard & The Story Beast

The Beta Males Go SoloJoin Adam Blampied “Delightful” (British Theatre Guide), Richard Soames “Excellent” (Sunday Times) and The Story Beast “Bearded force of nature” (Guardian) as The Beta Males finally go it alone. Together. Praise for The Beta Males: “A slick, hilarious show… Genius.” (Sunday Times) “One of the most exciting, gloriously funny acts out there.” (Time Out) ★★★★ (The Times, The List, Fest, Time Out, Chortle, Metro, Edinburgh Evening News).

– The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 15th-17th May 8.30pm
Price/s  £7.50 (£6)

LOCAL ACT LOGOGeorge Egg presents: George Egg: Anarchist Cook

George EggOne man. One hour. Three courses. An absurdist comedian and passionate cook with an anarchic approach to making meals. Best Comedy Show Nominee 2014. “Utterly charming… hugely inventive” (The Times). Dissatisfied with the quality of room service while touring the UK’s comedy clubs, George embarks on a project to take matters into his own hands. A surreal mix of stand-up comedy and striking innovation in an unforgettable demonstration of extreme multitasking. Total sell-out Brighton Fringe 2014.

Venue – The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 17th May 9.30pm
Price/s  £9.50 (£8)

Tom Allen presents: Both Worlds 

Both WorldsTom Allen brings his new show ‘Both Worlds’ to Brighton Fringe. “Otherworldly” (The Scotsman). “Gives the tradition of camp comedy a firmly 21st-century twist” (The Guardian). “Beguiling – the sly dexterity of his delivery has you hooked” (Telegraph).


– The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 20th-21st May 9.30pm
Price/s  £8.50 (£7)

LOCAL ACT LOGOThe Noise Next Door presents: The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In

The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-InThe sell-out smash hit returns to Brighton with a hefty dose of The Noise Next Door’s trademark off-the-cuff madness, as well as two stand-up stars and some once-in-a-lifetime comedy curiosities. After sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe and regular shows around the country, ‘The Comedy Lock-In’ is fast becoming THE must see show for comedy fans nationwide. Side-splitting gags! Mind-blowing songs! Finely tuned anarchy! “Hilarious… A superior kind of chaos” (The Daily Telegraph)

Venue – Komedia – Main Space
Dates/Times – 21st May 8pm
Price/s  £10


BEASTSAfter last year’s sell-out sensation, critically acclaimed sketch group BEASTS return to Brighton with a brand-new hour of inspired silliness. As heard on BBC Radio 4. “Unforgettably nutty” ★★★★ (Times). “Delightfully entertaining” ★★★★ (Telegraph). “Impossible not to cry with laughter” ★★★★ (Sunday Express). “Organised chaos reigns” ★★★★ (Stage). “Sublimely surprising” ★★★★ (List). “Pure, unabashed silliness” ★★★★ (Metro).

– The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 22nd-23rd May 8.30pm
Price/s  £10 (£8.50)

Lamb Comedy Productions presents: Lost Voice Guy: Laughter is the Worst Medicine

Lost Voice GuyWhen Lost Voice Guy was rushed to hospital during last year’s Fringe, he nearly died. Stuck in bed and miles from home, he began to wonder if laughter really was the best medicine after all. Then he had morphine and he realised it wasn’t. Jesus may walk on water, but Lost Voice Guy runs on batteries. And he recharged and rose again to tell the tale in this new show. Winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2014.

– Lamb Comedy @ Nowhere Man
Dates/Times – 22nd-24th May 8pm
Price/s  £6.50 (£5)

Juliette Burton with Andrew Roach Talent presents: Juliette Burton: Look at Me

Look at MeIs who we are who we appear to be? Award-winning performer Juliette Burton’s been fat, thin and everything between. Now, she’ll change even more! From dressing sexily to wearing the hijab, being male, obese, old and nude: can changing our outsides change who we are inside? As seen on ‘This Morning’ (ITV) “An important show…seriously very funny. A must-see” ***** (Daily Mirror); “Powerful stuff” **** (Sunday Express)

– Komedia Studio
Dates/Times – 28th May 6.30pm
Price/s  £8 (£6)

Max and Ivan presents: Max and Ivan: The End

The EndWelcome to Sudley-on-Sea. Take a look around. You don’t have long. Seriously. Join Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning duo Max and Ivan (BBC 1, BBC Radio 4) for a bewitching sketch-comedy tale – a guided tour of a small, sleepy English town, on the day of its destruction. Directed by Tom Parry (Pappy’s). “Undoubtedly superstars of tomorrow” (GQ). ★★★★ (The Guardian). ★★★★ (The Times). ★★★★ (The Sunday Times). ★★★★ (The Independent). ★★★★ (The Telegraph). ★★★★ (Chortle). ★★★★ (Time Out). ★★★★ (Metro).

Venue – The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 29th-30th May 8.30pm
Price/s  £9.50 (£8)

All in presents: Civilised

CivilisedTwo Gods are creating a planet using earth as a blueprint. Can they learn what it takes to build a civilised society? Best Comedy Show, Latest Brighton Fringe Awards 2014. “Funniest and most creative material you’ll see” (Fringe Review). “Sharp and utterly brilliant comic minds” ***** (View From The Gods). “Well worth going to see to put a sizeable bit of joy into your life” (Total Theatre). “Funniest moment of audience interaction from this or any Fringe” **** (Fringe Guru).

– The Warren: Theatre Box
Dates/Times – 29th-31st May 7pm
Price/s  £10 (£8.50)

CatFace Talent presents: Tom Deacon: Triple D (WIP)

Triple DMighty fine comic’ (The Guardian) Tom Deacon is one of the hottest young stand-ups on the circuit. He’s been performing live comedy for the last six years, with three solo shows under his belt. Tom’s fronted his own TV, radio and online shows on BBC 2 and BBC Radio 1. He has also performed on Dave’s ‘One Night Stand’, notched up over a million views on YouTube for football channel Copa90 and recently supported Doc Brown and Katherine Ryan on tour. He returns to Brighton with a brand new show for 2015. 

Venue – Komedia Studio
Dates/Times – 31st May 6pm
Price/s  £7

House of Blakewell presents: We Can Make You Happy

We Can Make You HappyAfter storming Brighton 2014, award-winning House of Blakewell return to take on the happiness industry. Alice & Harry have chosen to be happy. Alice is studying mindfulness. Harry is studying German existentialism. The pair sing and dance their way through positive psychology, Marxist economics and the 5:2 diet, but will the pressure to be constantly happy prove too much? An exuberant cabaret musical about the joys, struggles and pressures of being alive. ★★★★★ Pick of the Fringe 2014.

Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 1st-3rd May 9.15pm
Price/s – £10 (£7)

Exchange Events Ltd presents: The Lady Boys of Bangkok: Beauties and the Beats

The Lady Boys of BangkokThe hottest, funniest show this side of Bangkok. This new show will take you to a new level of frantic fun, laughter and good times as only the Ladyboys know how! Everything from fabulous feathers to catwalk couture, Liza to Cher, Jessie J to Nicki Minaj all go to make Britain’s most spectacular comedy cabaret sensation the biggest party in town! As always there are fully licensed bars and a mouthwatering range of authentic Thai cuisine. 

– Sabai Pavilion
Dates/Times/Prices – 1st May 7pm & 9pm £10, 2nd-9th, 11th, 13th-16th, 18th, 20th-30th May 7pm, 2nd-4th, 8th-9th, 11th, 15th-16th, 18th, 22nd-30th May 9pm, 10th & 17th May 6pm, 23rd & 30th May 4.30pm Platinum: £34 Premium: £30 Standard: £24 (£14.50 Students)

The Christeene Machine presents: The Christeene Machine

The Christeene MachineEnter THE CHRISTEENE MACHINE: A gender-blending booty-pounding queer perversion of punk dragged through a musical theater gutter, commanded by CHRISTEENE: a human pissoir of foul hilarity and raw unabashed sexuality. In this furious ritual, CHRISTEENE embodies the beast pure of heart, molded by its broken surroundings, by societal feelings of inadequacy and fears of the unknown, calling the world to bring their tawdry secrets, and their darkest stained hopes to the front.

Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 7th May 8.30pm & 10.15pm
Price/s – £15 (£12)

LOCAL ACT LOGOThe Iron Boot Scrapers presents: The Iron Boot Scrapers Edwardian Cabaret w/ Prof Elemental

The Iron Boot ScrapersFive of the greatest acts, drawn together from Steampunk’s finest Music Hall. Tempting the taste of the most distinguished connoisseur, and brow beating the sensibilities of the proletariat. With soap-boxing rap from the eloquent Professor Elemental, sensual burlesque from the divine Coco Deville, and gasp at the feats of The Mighty Moustache, plus our very own DJ Maxwell manipulating the wax cylinders, and finally the combustible force of The Iron Boot Scrapers rendering their debut album, ‘Costermonger’. 

Venue Coalition
Dates/Times – 8th May 7pm
Price/s – £12

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex presents presents: Mat Ricardo: Showman

ShowmanThe Gentleman Juggler, leading act of the British cabaret revival shows big laughs,serious skills,slapstick,and breathtaking spectacle. With genuine danger, elegance, thrills, performed by a man at the top of his game.



Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent
Dates/Times – 8th May 7.15pm
Price/s – £12 (£10)

People’s Republic of Bourgeois & Maurice presents: Bourgeois & Maurice

Bourgeois & MauriceAlt-cabaret stars Bourgeois & Maurice return to Brighton Fringe with a special General Election-themed show, written in just 48 hours following the results. Sequin-clad satire for the politically jaded. **** (The Independent)



Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent
Dates/Times – 9th May 7.15pm
Price/s – £15 (£12)

The Shift presents: The Shift Takes Brighton

The Shift Takes BrightonYou like avant garde performance if it’s good, you like variety if its good. You also like Girls Aloud. Sometimes you fancy a Fanta Tropical and eat sushi from a supermarket if you’re in a rush. You also probably fancy the same-sex, or at least are ‘Very Liberal’ about it. You use the word whatevs more often than you think you do. You like it when there’s a sequin or two. You studied an arts degree. You don’t take it all too seriously. But seriously enough. 

– Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 9th-10th May 9pm
Price/s – £8 (£5)

Hundred Watt Club presents: Hundred Watt Club: Burlesque & Cabaret

Hundred Watt ClubReturning to Brighton with another rip-roaring line-up! Featuring raucous, risqué and hairy boylesque from Dave the Bear; flirtatious striptease from pin-up Jeanie Wishes; plus hilarious, acute and shocking characters with Glory Pearl. Brighton’s very own dark lord Joe Black lets us glimpse into his surreal world and Eliza Delight provides classic burlesque. All of this this held together by Statuesque MC Dolly Rocket. Vintage attire encouraged! 

– The Old Market
Dates/Times – 22nd May 10pm
Price/s – £15 (£13)

Head First Acrobats presents: Elixir

ElixirThree acrobatic and enthusiastic Scientists attempt to create the Elixir of Life. A unique mix of mayhem follows where handsome boys & incredible circus tricks meet with impeccable comic timing. To make you laugh and smile. **** (Adelaide Advertiser) 


– Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco
Dates/Times/Prices – 22nd-27th May 9.30pm, 29th-31st May 7.30pm £10 (£8), 28th May 3.30pm £8 (£6)

Veronica Blacklace presents: Showtime with Cabaret BohemeLOCAL ACT LOGO

Cabaret BohemeAn intimate evening filled with red hot burlesque, phenomenal vocals, Cabaret and Cirque. Be dazzled by variety to vaudeville eye catching aerialists. Sparkling host Veronica and her troupe of performers bring their mix of entertainers with all the skill, charm and cheek you could want. See gravity defying acrobat dancers along with Circus Princesses, all in one unforgettable evening.


Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent
Dates/Times – 28th-29th May 9pm
Price/s – £16 (£14)

Boogaloo Stu presents: Crimplene MillionaireLOCAL ACT LOGO

Crimplene MillionaireDerek & Bev invite you to play Crimplene Millionaire. Roll the dice and compete in the 1970s board game that style forgot, as your hosts roll back the years to a pre-digital world of Mateus Rosé, Brut 33 & Angel Delight. 



Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco
Dates/Times – 28th-30th May 9.30pm
Price/s – £9 (£7)

LOCAL ACT LOGOAngel House presents: Regency Delights

Regency DelightsMay 1831: the new owner of 1 Brunswick Terrace, Mr Thomas Carter, is out to impress Brighton society with his infamous Regency dance soirées. Twice nightly instruction with MC Henry Adams and a range of genteel libations of which to partake at the Regency Salon Bar. ‘Mr Darcy’ cocktail and 45 min class included.


– Angel House, 1 Brunswick Terrace, Hove, BN3 1HN
Dates/Times – 6th, 9th, 13th, 20th May 6.30pm, 8pm
Price/s – £10

Tormenta Flamenca presents: Flamenco Blues

Flamenco BluesFlamenco Blues’ arrives with a tender tribute to blues and flamenco. Live music and dance harness all the elements of these two artistic giants. Like two strands of one thread, the genres twine around each other, asserting their own identities while simultaneously melting together, seamlessly creating an entirely new theatrical experience. Book a seat for this dazzling and powerful show before it steps on to the world stage. 

– Ropetackle Arts Centre
Dates/Times – 10th May 7.30pm
Price/s – £15

LOCAL ACT LOGOBrighton Swimming Club presents: Around the World in 8ish Routines

Around the World in 8ish RoutinesPhilomena Fogg is a big fan of synchronised swimming and is following in her great, great Grandfather’s footsteps. She has been challenged with taking synchro around the world in 8ish routines. Follow her adventures in the seventh annual show brought to you by Brighton Swimming Club, Brighton Dolphin Synchro and BSC Horsham Flamingos. Over 80 swimmers! We are joined by the Maracatu Cruzeiro Do Sul Dance Troupe and will be collecting for the Downs Syndrome International Swimming Organisation. 

Venue – Prince Regent Swimming Pool
Dates/Times – 16th May 8pm
Price/s – £9 (£5)

DFM Company presents: Dance For Me

Dance For MeA real-life story of an Icelandic 49 year old father of three who dared to realise his dream of dancing contemporary dance onstage. An award-winning show which began its global tour this year. “It’s important, it’s funny and it’s captivating, hard to ask for more.” (Víðsjá, Icelandic Radio 1). “Serious, warm, funny and really touches the audience.” (Austurfrétt, Icelandic newspaper). Winner: Readers’ Choice Award, DV Culture Awards 2013.

– Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times – 24th-25th May 1.30pm
Price/s – £11 (£9.50)

LOCAL ACT LOGOThe Hiccup Project presents: May-we-go-round?

May-we-go-round?Uncompromising yet utterly accessible, ‘May-we-go-round?’ is a collision of fiercely energetic dance and comedic theatre taking audiences on the bittersweet ride of romance. A provocative, playful and gritty insight into our romantic disillusionment, it swings wildly between hilarious truths and intimate vulnerability. We are enthralled by the process of falling for someone, yet flummoxed and irritated by the whole charade. Are we enjoying it? Yes. Does it make sense? No. But round and round we go … 

Venue – Emporium Theatre
Dates/Times – 26th-29th May 8pm
Price/s – £8

Paulette Mae presents: Sea Me

Sea MeAn intimate solo performance made of dance, song, found objects, torchlight, and all things low-fi, inviting you to experience small acts of reinvention, a watery mapping of multiple characters, spaces and times. Begins at moonrise. The making of this piece has been supported by the Exuberant Trust, Oxford Dance Forum and the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.


Venue – At The Coach House, 22 Walpole Road, Kemp town, Brighton, BN2 0EA
Dates/Times – 28th-30th May 8.40pm
Price/s – £8 (£7)

Mary Armentrout Dance Theater presents: Reveries and Elegies

Reveries and ElegiesA site specific installation about change, dislocation and the ungraspableness of the present. Other iterations have already occurred in seven locations in the US and UK. Mary Armentrout Dance Theater is a San Francisco based intermedia collective that creates hybrid works which unravel simple-looking things like time, place, identity, and community. 


Venue – MEET: The Brighton Bandstand
Dates/Times – 30th-31st May 8.30pm
Price/s – £8.50 (£6.50)

Tim Whitehead Management presents: Camille O’Sullivan

Camille O’SullivanCamille has stunned audiences worldwide with 5-star dramatic interpretations of Nick Cave, Brel, Waits, Radiohead. Original star of La Clique – expect fire, ice and pure passion. “A major star” Scotsman ★★★★★ “Exceptional voice” – TimeOut ★★★★★


– Brighton Spiegeltent

Dates/Times – 2nd-3rd May 8pm 4th, 6th-10th, 12th-13th May 9pm
Price/s£20 (£18)

LOCAL ACT LOGOSupported by Legal & General presents: Classical Spectacular

Classical SpectacularSublime classics by some of the world’s most celebrated composers performed with professional soloists and orchestra within the wonderful setting of St Bartholomew’s Church. Haydn’s magnificent battle inspired Nelson Mass features alongside Vivaldi’s electrifying Double Trumpet Concerto. Mozart’s exquisite Laudate Dominum and powerful Symphony No.29 complete this explosive programme, which opens with Handel’s jubilant Zadok the Priest. 

– St Bartholomew’s Church
Dates/Times – 9th May 7.30pm
Price/s – £15 (£12)

LOCAL ACT LOGOMelting Vinyl presents…Multimos live presents: Bunty: Full AV show feat VJ Luna

Melting VinylLooping experimental avant-pop music with a distinctive voice, Brighton’s Bunty brings us her raw talent and unique multi-tasking showmanship! An epic & dazzling audiovisual feast featuring VJ metaLuna, dancing and more! 



Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent
Dates/Times – 11th May 7pm
Price/s – £8 (£10 On the door)

The Brunswick presents: Liane Carroll

Liane CarrollWith several BBC Jazz Awards, a Parliamentary Jazz Award & accolades from Ronnie Scott’s Awards, Liane Carroll is one of the most accomplished and respected jazz singers in the UK and internationally. An unmissable opportunity to hear one of the greatest jazz voices up close and personal in the intimate surroundings of The Brunswick.


Venue – The Brunswick
Dates/Times – 15th May 8pm
Price/s – £13 (£11)

Simply Soweto Encha presents: Simply Soweto Encha

Simply Soweto EnchaUnstoppable rhythm, invincible singing, daring dance. Simply Soweto Encha inspire with a unique blend of old and new school a cappella arrangements. Experience the finest South African musical show. Simply Soweto Encha shine in both traditional African and Western styles, combining Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana songs with gospel, soul, jazz, doo-wop and R’n’B. “Ten-legged, ten-armed, five-headed creative beast” (Fringe Review). “True sound sensation you don’t want to miss” (Public Reviews)

Venue – The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 21st May 6.30pm, 22nd May 1.30pm, 23rd-25th May 8pm
Price/s – £10 (£8.50) (£35 Family Ticket)

The Hair Rock Experience presents: Rock of 80s

Rock of 80sHitch a ride back to the heady days of 80s stadium rock with this 100% live and curling event. Dress up, party, and don’t stop believin’ with the only show powered by Flux Capacitor: Here We Go Again! With classic songs from Bon Jovi, Queen, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and many more, the show features live magic, giant beachballs, choppers, and more animal print than is probably healthy. Interact with the cast on social media, sing along, and revisit the era that taste forgot. Spandex optional.

Venue – The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 22nd May 7pm
Price/s – £12 (£10.50) (£40 Group of 4)

LOCAL ACT LOGOTribal Remix Festival presents: Electric Nomad

Electric NomadAn intimate late show presenting one-man-band The Sabio, a multi-instrumental journeyman with rare musical sensibility. The Sabio uses voice, beatbox, loop machine as well as strings and percussion, to create impressive worlds of sound. Featuring guest performances by internationally acclaimed Tribal Fusion belly dancers. 


Venue – Latest Music Bar
Dates/Times – 23rd May 9.30pm
Price/s – £10 (£9)

LOCAL ACT LOGOYou Cry Wolf presents: A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)

A Fresh StartEvery song tells a story. You Cry Wolf are three Brighton musicians whose latest project takes you on a vivid journey through a life ruled by obsession, as though the story were your own. Seeking a different approach to the prescribed audience-artist dynamic, this might be unlike any live music performance you have ever experienced. Come and take centre-stage yourself as you are immersed in full sensory technicolour. For lovers of live music and immersive theatre. 

Venue – The Lantern @ ACT
Dates/Times – 23rd May 11pm, 24th May 9pm
Price/s – £6 (£5)

Zaza Music presents: Tom Paxton 50 Years On UK Tour

Tom Paxton 50 Years On UK TourGrammy winner Tom Paxton’s ’50 Years On UK Tour’ with special guest Robin Bullock. An American singer-songwriter of folk music with enduring appeal, his songs include modern standards such as ‘The Last Thing On My Mind’ and ‘Ramblin’ Boy’. In 2009 he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as Martin Guitars’ Tom Paxton Signature Edition guitar and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting from BBC Radio 2’s Folk Awards. His music was recently featured in the film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. 

Venue – St George’s Church
Dates/Times – 27th May 7.30pm
Price/s – £26.50

LOCAL ACT LOGOOtherplace Productions presents: The Late Show

The Late ShowFancy a drink? Join us for a laidback, late-night jaunt at the beautiful Basement. There’s all kinds of entertainment (planned and impromptu) in store, with music, comedy and all manner of fabulous Fringe fare. It’s hard to pick what to watch in the Fringe, so we’ve done it for you! Every show features a different line-up of the best that England’s biggest arts festival has to offer.


Venue – Otherplace at the Basement: Main Space
Dates/Times/Prices – 1st-3rd, 8th-10th, 17th, 21st-24th, 28th-31st May 11pm £5 (£3.50), 4th, 25th May 10.15pm £5 (£3.50), 5th-6th, 12th-13th, 19th-20th, 26th-27th May 10.15pm £3 (£1.50)

LOCAL ACT LOGOMarlborough Productions presents: The Marlborough Fringe Street Party

The Marlborough Fringe Street PartyJoin us for a street party like no other! Our outdoor stage will be showcasing the best Fringe music, off-beat performance, plus there’ll be arty surprises! Choose from a selection of Brighton’s most delicious street food and you can wash it down with a tasty libation from our outdoor bar. Upbeat, fun and full of surprises- it’s the perfect way to launch your Brighton Fringe experience and it’s all free!


Venue – Marlborough Theatre
Dates/Times – 2nd May 1pm
Price/s – FREE

The Media Company Publications Ltd presents: Foodies Festival Brighton

Foodies Festival BrightonFoodies Festival returns to Brighton’s Hove Lawns for another fun Bank Holiday weekend. Watch Michelin star and top chefs cooking their favourite summer recipes; taste wine, champagne and craft beer in the Drinks Theatre; improve your baking skills in the Cake, Bake & Chocolate Theatre; shop from artisan producers and feast on food from around the world in the Street Food Avenue, while you listen to live music on the acoustic stage. Enjoy a fun day out with friends. 

Venue – Hove Lawns
Dates/Times – 2nd-4th May 11am – 7pm
Price/s – £12 (Accompanied Under 16s free)

LOCAL ACT LOGOBrighton Fringe presents: Fringe City

Fringe CityGet a taste for Brighton Fringe 2015, summed up in our outdoor city centre showcase. Expect crazy cabaret, tremendous theater, art installations, live music and more. Visit our website for a full line-up.



Venue – New Road
Dates/Times – 2nd-3rd, 9th, 16th, 23rd-24th May 1pm
Price/s – FREE

LOCAL ACT LOGOBrighton Fringe presents – Fringe City Family Picnic

ev_9200Bring your picnic blankets and hamper for Brighton’s biggest picnic with family friendly performances, sports activities and more!



– Pavilion Gardens

Dates/Times – 2nd & 23rd May 1pm
Price/s – FREE

LOCAL ACT LOGOSunday Assembly Brighton presents: Sunday Assembly

Sunday AssemblySunday Assembly is a non-religious coming together of people seeking to make the most of this one life. Togetherness, wonder and a bit of science without the trappings of magic and myth. Everyone is very welcome indeed.



Venue – Brighton Spiegeltent
Dates/Times – 3rd May 2pm
Price/s – FREE Ticketed

LOCAL ACT LOGOThe Sidewinder presents: Sidewinder Fringe Festival!

Sidewinder Fringe Festival!Music, magic, burlesque, piñata smashing, sticker workshops, nacho hats, body-doodling, art battles, and loads more brilliant Brighton kookiness! Check for the schedule of events.



Venue – Sidewinder
Dates/Times – 8th May 4pm, 9th May 2pm
Price/s – FREE

The BRIT School presents: Shakespeare in the Garden

Shakespeare in the GardenThe BRIT School returns to Brighton Fringe with their annual Shakespeare season. This year the plays performed will be ‘The Comedy of Errors’, ‘Coriolanus’ and ‘Henry V’. 



Venue – Pavilion Gardens
Dates/Times – 12th-13th, 15th May 1pm
Price/s – FREE

LOCAL ACT LOGOBrighton Rockers Roller Derby presents: Live Roller Derby: Brighton Rockers

brighton rockersDiscover roller derby: a fast-paced, full-contact sport played on roller skates. The fearless Brighton Rockers will take on the Hotties from Hot Wheel Roller Derby – guaranteed to be an action-packed afternoon! 



Venue – Dolphin Leisure Centre
Dates/Times – 23rd May 2.30pm
Price/s – £8 (£7) (£24 Group of 4) (Under 12s Free)

LOCAL ACT LOGOFunk The Format presents: Funk The Family Festival

Funk The Family FestivalFollowing 2014’s debut, sell-out family festival, FTF return bigger and better! Hove Park is transformed into a musical wonderland. Interactive circus, Club Tropicana DJ bar, kids zone, well-weing area, free outdoor games, superb music, yummy grub. Line-up includes Omar (with full band)/ Nubiyan Twist/ Kalakuta Millionaires/ Normanton Street/ Gentleman B/ Bloco Branco/ Circus Project/ Zaz Clown/ Tree of Life Yoga/ Kids Outdoors Project/ Art Workshop/ Kids Fashion Academy/ Storytelling/ Soul and Funk DJs.

Venue – Big Beach Cafe
Dates/Times – 30th May 11am – 7pm
Price/s – £18.50 (£8.50 Under 12s) (£49.50 Family Ticket)

LOCAL ACT LOGOBrighton Fringe presents: Brighton Fringe Awards

Brighton Fringe AwardsThe official awards ceremony to mark the end of Brighton Fringe 2015, with free flowing entertainment and mercifully short acceptance speeches. Come and celebrate all that is great about Brighton Fringe!



Venue – The Warren: Main House
Dates/Times – 31st May 8.30pm
Price/s – FREE Ticketed 

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