Brighton Fringe Preview – The Soul Dome

Published On May 1, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Features

Yesterday was kindly invited to check out the latest venture for the Brighton Fringe Festival The Soul Dome. Upon entering the community hall – where the Soul Dome had been temporarily erected, we were greeted by the owners who excitedly told us about their newest project which will be taking place in Jubilee Square (outside the Library and Pizza Express) running 10am until 11pm every day from the 24th of May to the 2nd of June.

As one of the creators of the project excitably described their aims for the festival, my eye couldn’t help but drift over her shoulder to the immense 7 meter high inflatable dome behind her. Similar to something you would see in the Eden project, the dome is designed to be a completely fluid space which can encompass a wide variety of workshops stretching quite literally from Yoga, to showcasing completely immersive 360 cinema, children’s activities and live performances – amongst a variety of other workshops.

With anticipation we made our way inside… Upon entering you can see how they have managed to create a warm comfortable atmosphere with cushions and mats, for the intention of lying down on to admire the cinema quite literally all around you. For a full list of shows and workshops have a look at their website to see if anything tickles your fancy, the short extracts of films we were shown: Street Food Kolkata, Heliosphere and Sound Vision looked particularly good. The dome also transforms into stunning landscape scenes where you can meditate whilst doing Yoga, for a truly relaxing experience. Not only that but there are live performances – the acoustics in the dome are phenomenal, and entire workshops and cinema experiences designed for children – so a complete family day out!

Tickets are available for purchase at: and range from £3 to £15, it is well worth have a look at the schedule as there are numerous performances taking place throughout the festival.

WORDS by Flora Hamilton

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