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Published On November 3, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Features

Throughout September, Brighton & Hove based Wired Sussex member companies were invited to create & share innovative, inspirational and fun Vine videos as part of the annual Brighton Digital Festival. This year the festival saw a record breaking 124 organisers hosting 192 events and drew more than 50,000 visitors  – the festival’s biggest audience and line-up to date.

Brighton Lives Digital and Brighton Digital Festival shows off our wonderful city at it’s best – a modern, bustling hub of innovation.

Interactive art exhibitions, futuristic conferences, digitally inspired performances and educational events brought local, national and international audiences into the heart of Brighton and Hove’s digital cluster.

On top of all this, Wired Sussex asked something special of Brighton’s digital world.

They challenged digital gurus across the city to create a special Vine and enter it into a citywide competition.

With several brilliant entries the competition had over 40,000 views on Vine.
Judged by a team of local member companies, the resounding winner in an already strong field for ‘Most Impressive Vine’ is Leapfrogg’s Paid Search Intern, Monika Varzinskaite.

Leapfrogg won a free job advert on the Wired Sussex Jobs Board, the place to go for digital, media and technology work in Brighton.

We caught up with Monika and asked her about the digital side of Brighton and Brighton Digital Festival.

Why do you think Brighton is so good for creative industries?

I think it’s brilliant for creative industries because of geographical location – it’s only an hour away from London, where the biggest clients are based. Also, only half an hour from Gatwick airport. There are a lot of initiatives, funding and sponsorship schemes to support creative in Brighton. The town itself is inspiring with street performers, architecture, the sea, bars, galleries and the music scene.

Which of the conferences during the Brighton Digital Festival inspired you the most?

BrightonSEO. They always have great speakers on (one of them was our Insight and Strategy Director!), that not only share their industry knowledge and give some good tips, but also, inspire with their success stories.

Your vines answered two questions – Why do you love working for your company and why do you love working in Brighton. Your vine clearly answered them well but could you tell us with your own words why you love Brighton and your company?

Oh it’s a question that I could spend hours talking about. But the main reasons I love working for Leapfrogg:

Leapfrogg1. At Leapfrogg, we have three core business values that we encourage each other to cherish: happiness, game changing and excellence. Every month we anonymously vote for each other in the ‘Golden Games’ and the votes are shared at a monthly company lunch. Every three months the winner is announced and is awarded a prize and a certificate! I love it, because this way we encourage and support each other and spread the good news about our achievements.
2. The agency is transparent, so once a month we have company meetings, where we share our goals, where we are at and what needs to be achieved.
3. I get to work with interesting clients from different backgrounds: Tom Dixon, Lulu Guinness,, G. H. Bass. I have a chance to actually meet the owners of the businesses and hear their stories and what challenges they face.
4. I love working with inspiring people. My colleagues are being invited to speak at conferences, my mentor was shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year in 2015. People I work with love what they do, they’reambitious, passionate and enthusiastic. Every day it inspires me and pushes me to do my job better. Also, I love the agency culture: company socials, finishing work at 4pm on Fridays and a drinks trolley!
5. Working in Brighton: we have a very active digital community, a lot of free events (thank you, WiredSussex), festivals and conferences, so there’s plenty of opportunities to grow and learn without breaking the bank. Also, there’s a hub of award winning digital agencies that compete with the ones in London. Despite that, I love the quality of life that I get here: Brighton is small and cosy, so I can walk/cycle everywhere (takes me 7 minutes to walk to the office!), a lot of independent cafes and shops, galleries, yoga studios. I can lead my healthy and peaceful lifestyle here and if I want to broaden my mind, I can just jump on the train to the capital.

Vines are hugely popular. What do you think it is about them that attracts people so much?

I think one of the biggest advantages is that they’re short, they’re easy to create and share. Features such as adding your own song allows people to demonstrate their creativity without putting too much effort.

Did you expect to win?

Not at all! I took part in it, because I always like to get involved in different projects, express myself and get my voice heard. The initial goal is always to enjoy what I do and have fun doing it, and sometimes results are successful, as it was the case this time!

What was your favourite vine from the competition?

I enjoyed looking at all of them, because it’s really interesting to see life ‘behind the curtains’, what other agencies do and different reasoning why people love working in Brighton and their companies.

What do you think the future holds for digital business?

I believe in the future of digital. I think that the future is bright for paid media, especially. Hence, I’m doing paid search!Wired sussex logo_clear background


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