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The new series of Skins is back on our screens thanks to Channel 4.  Click here to see their website. One of the lead Characters Frankie Fitz, played by Dakota Blue Richards (star of  Hollywood film, ‘The Golden Compass’)  gave welovebrighton.com an interview. As a resident of our City, she chatted to us about her personal perspective on the world of Skins and her life in Brighton. Fresh from her exam Dakota still found the energy to show her passion for Skins, her Character, acting and Brighton.

The Skins tour is hitting the pier with Beardyman in Brighton to publicise the show http://www.welovebrighton.com/skins-tour/.

How do your experiences of growing up in Brighton Reflect on Frankie’s experiences in Skins?

I’ve had a different upbringing, more stable and secure living in Brighton with my mum. Frankie’s upbringing is really unknown to me; we know she has had a dark past and had a hard time which adds to her enigmatic character. She has two adoptive dads, and her past shows through as she develops through the series.

Would you be friends with Frankie?

She would be the most interesting friend to have out of all Skins characters, I’d definitely get on with her. She tries to be outside clichés and doesn’t want to be popular or noticed. She is unusual and uncatgorisable.

Do you think Skins is believable to a young audience watching and people who are experiencing the same things?

I’ve always been a big fan of Skins and it’s important that people can relate to the experiences shown in the programme so they can say ‘Yes that happened to me’. In the drama things will be more hardcore than reality but they are also relatable and fun. This is a positive series and more fun as a result compared to the last one. The characters start as individuals and due to their common experiences become friends as a group.

How does Bristol, where Skins is set, compare to Brighton?

They are both similar with lots of young people in a creative and fashionable place. But Bristol is more of a city in terms of size and feeling,  I’m bias towards Brighton as it’s my home with memories…I really enjoyed Bristol though.

What do you Love about Brighton?

Brighton is a very open place. You can be who you want to be and it’s a real mix of people. I love diversity and you really get that here. Also how close you are to the Sea and the Downs. It’s a city but you can be more of an outdoorsy person which I defiantly am.

As your career progresses will you stay here or move to a bigger city such as London, NYC or LA?

Its daunting thinking of leaving Brighton! I’ve lived in the same place since I was three. Its less struggle here living in a smaller friendlier place, I think London is too busy. Its fun, but big cities are so impersonal which makes people harder to relate to, like,  in London you leave the bus from the back as opposed to Brighton where you leave at the front and everyone thanks the driver. The little personal things… It promotes people to get on.

Who else out of your friends in Brighton should we be looking out for?

Wow, well look out for the Half Sisters http://www.thehalfsisters.com/ they are an amazing folk group that I love! The rest of my friends are, for want of a better word ‘normal’ which is important when you are surrounded by a world of film, TV and acting.

Where do you go out, socialise and enjoy yourself in Brighton?

I’m not old enough for pubs and clubs but I really love shopping in Brighton as there’re so many cool shops and they’re so close to where I live. I really love Coffee 33 on Trafalgar street, it’s just nice going there and hanging out with my mates.

Skins and music are inextricably linked with the tour and throughout the show,  do you like the music on the show?

We don’t get to see much as we are kept away from the final edits to keep us as natural as possible with our acting. However, I love Crystal Castles http://crystalcastles.com/ who Frankie also loves and I also adore James Blake who’s tune ‘Limit to your Love’http://jamesblakemusic.com/ is on the show. I’m really looking forward to the tour and I’m going to the Brighton show with all my mates!

Interview By Robert Gray

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