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The Launch of Storyland Press – A Brighton Author Co-Operative

Published On October 15, 2016 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Features

Storyland Press is a Brighton-based Author Co-Operative set up by three local authors to create the possibility for the story to come first, regardless of genre or where it sits on the commercial/literary spectrum. The basic principle underlying this new venture is that, whatever the genre, readers first and foremost want a GOOD STORY!


Shani Struthers

Because it is a co-operative, Storyland Press offers authors an innovative new way of working. It provides them with the opportunity to take control of their own work instead of being at the mercy of the ‘gatekeepers’ – therefore agents and publishers.

For readers, Storyland Press provides a range of great and diverse stories, often set in and around Brighton plus the opportunity to support a great wealth of local talent, something such an eclectic city prides itself on. The novels we publish are not restricted by genre but can span everything from romance to sci-fi and horror.

Quality is of the utmost importance. All novels published under the umbrella of Storyland Press must be of a high standard, therefore beta-read, edited, and proofread with professional interior formatting and cover design. In joining with us, you can benefit from vital experience and expertise, as we seek to promote, support, and guide each other through what can often be a minefield.


Amazon Bestseller – The Haunting of Highdown Hall

The authors responsible for setting up Storyland Press are Corinna Edwards-Colledge, author of The Soul Room, Return of the Morrigan and The Call, Veronica McGivney, author of Aftermath of a Murder and soon-to-be-released Inheritors of the New Kingdom and Shani Struthersauthor of a range of paranormal novels, three of which – The Haunting of Highdown Hall, Eve and The Venetian – have become Amazon International Bestsellers.

To celebrate this exciting new initiative a launch party is being held downstairs at the Park View Pub, Preston Drove, Brighton on 2nd November – 8pm-11pm. This is a FREE event and all are welcome – with a free glass of wine for the early birds! As well as competitions, prizes and brief readings from all three authors, there will be plenty of opportunity for chat about Storyland Press, with signed books for sale. The general emphasis, however, will simply be on having fun and meeting with people!

For more information on Storyland Press, our website is Or contact Shani Struthers at

Hope to see you at the Park View on November 2nd!

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