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Published On July 27, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | Things to do features

We all know Brighton is a City filled with diverse community groups, from sea swimmers to hula hoopers, but what if we could harness this group power to do something a bit different and create a better, fairer model of car insurance for everyone?

Insurance is long overdue a rethink. Everyone needs it but no-one likes it, paying full whack every year even when you don’t claim, then the one time you do need it, they hike your premium as punishment. What a con! Fortunately, the forward thinking folks of Brighton are about to change all that, and it’s Guevara helping them do it.

Guevara is all about groups. Instead of sending your money into the already bulging bank account of your old car insurance company, when you team up with a group of 10 or more pals on Guevara, you all pay your money into a your own group pot called the Protection Pool. This Pool is used to pay for claims throughout the year, and you can keep track of what your money is being used for and how much is left. As the end of your year rolls around, if there’s money left in the Pool, then it rolls over to the next year, and all you need to do is top up whatever was spent on claims.

You get to be ‘bouncer’ on your insurance group’s door! Inviting the right people to join your group is really important as the more safe drivers you add the more you save, so maybe not that mate you have who passed their test on their ninth go hey? Remember, don’t be shy, the more people you have in your group, the bigger the Protection Pool will be, and the more the cost of each claim is spread out. If you’re worried about creating your own group, you don’t have to. Simply search for groups in your area and ask to join, but remember you need to remain loyal as you can only be in one at a time!

Want to get in on the action but your insurance isn’t up for renewal? Well you still have options with Guevara. You can either cancel your current policy or you can join a group as a ‘recruit’ which means you don’t pay anything until your renewal is due, but you’re committed to the group and become a full member when it does. Don’t worry, you won’t be affected by any claims made within the group until you are a full member.

The support you’ll get with Guevara is second to none. Not only are they a lovely bunch of genuine people but they will also deal with all of the complicated paperwork should you need to make a claim. They also give you an incredibly useful selection of online tools to keep track of everything throughout the year – creating complete transparency.

What if somehow all the money in your Pool is used up before the end of the year? Never fear as The Guevara Guarantee comes to the rescue! If there’s not enough in the Protection Pool to pay for a group’s claims, they will step in and pay the extra, and even better they’ll also make sure your premium doesn’t jump unexpectedly.

Guevara Co-Founder Rich Philip summed it all up nicely when he said:

“With Guevara you can team up with those you trust and keep what you don’t claim. It’s a collaborative approach that’s part of the fabric of this city. The people of Brighton are changing the way insurance works, leading the way for the rest of the UK and the world to follow.”

So join the insurance revolution in Brighton and be part of the change! We just know you’re itching to find out more, why not check out the links below?

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