The Brighton Toy Museum

Published On August 4, 2011 | By We Love Brighton | Hidden Gems

The Brighton Toy museum is home to thousands of toys and models over a vast and hidden space.  It takes you back to a time when teddies, trains and dolls were all you needed as it houses over ten THOUSAND priceless toys that any 7 year old would give their right arm to own.

The museum is situated under the Victorian arches supporting Brighton’s railway station (a perfect distance if you’re visiting for the day) and has a magical feel when you step into its almost secret doors.  For the collectors among us, manufacturers such as Bing, Hornby, Meccano and Steiff have period pieces on display. Moreover, you’ll find individually engineered Spitfire fighter planes amongst many more throughout the museum.

If you just fancy a brief visit, or to get a taste of Brighton on the way into town, the entrance to the first arch is free.  It includes within it a Railway platform style Museum Shop with small trinkets and gifts on sale, along with World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings ranges for the slightly older kids.  Within the first Arch there is also a Visitor information point, presenting maps and help to those visiting Brighton along with beautiful Victorian toys (my favourite was the Meccano Ferris wheel, just don’t let any youngsters clamber into it!).

Alteratively, if you have any spare toys which you cant quite give to a charity shop, the Brighton Toy Museum is the perfect place for them to continue to be loved past the younger years of a child’s life (before it gets all Justin Bieber and Call of Duty).  The museum, with the owners agreement, put on sale the toys which are a bit too special to give away and ensure that they go on to good homes.








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