Under Brighton. Sewer Tours.

Published On July 19, 2011 | By We Love Brighton | Hidden Gems, Must dos

Its always a good idea to get a different view of the place in which you love and live. Possibly the most interesting way to see Brighton is from deep underground it in the magnificent sewer system. Southern water will guide you through this subterranean labyrinth to give you a unique and enlightening perspective on our beautiful city.

When Britan ruled the world and the Queen was an Empress. Those plucky perfectionist Victorians constructed our sewer system. Perfectly stopping Brighton from getting too soggy and smelly for 150 years. This massive project of 300 miles contains massive brick built caverns and sculpted tunnels. Leading the wastewater of Brighton out to sea. Over the years it has been expanded on. Stopping Lewes rd flooding! And more recently to stop pollution occurring.

As long as you over 11, can climb a ladder and don’t mind being in a tunnel Southern Water will let you don a hard hat and lead you though a tour to enlighten and educate you about this important and hidden world.







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