30 Things You Didn’t Know About Brighton

Published On November 17, 2015 | By Matthew Hughes | Best of Brighton, Homepage, Only in Brighton!

The good people at Brighton Holiday Homes have compiled the ultimate list of incredible facts about Brighton you’ve (probably) never heard of.

From the wacky to the world beating, our Victorian harbingers had no idea what was in store for their holiday city. Some of the following facts may offer a surprise or two, especially the fate Brighton Pavilion may have befallen had history taken a different course…

1. Pink Floyd debuted Dark Side Of The Moon at Brighton Dome, 1972.

facts about brighton

2. ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo in 1974 at Brighton Dome which launched their career.

facts about brighton

3. Hove has a strong claim to being the location of one of the first ever movies and is among the pioneers of cinema thanks to the Brighton School of filmmakers. Hove was home to William Friese-Greene, a pioneer in the invention of cinematography, and George Albert Smith, another pioneer responsible for the first colour film process.

4. The oldest surviving “blue” movie was filmed in a garden in Hove in 1896.

5. There are more restaurants in Brighton & Hove than anywhere else in the country with a ratio of 1 restaurant for every 250 people.

6. There is 1 drinking establishment for every 320 people and Brighton & Hove  has over 1,400 licensed premises.facts about brighton

7The first recorded commercial flight left from Shoreham Airport and landed on Hove Lawns delivering light bulbs in 1910.


8. Brighton Marina is the largest man made marina in Europe covering 127 acres.

facts about brighton

9Britain’s first ever casino on land opened in Brighton and was within the Metropole Hotel.

facts about brighton

10. Brighton was the first place in Britain to open a naturist beach in 1979.


11. Brighton is considered the second most haunted city in Britain after York.

facts about brighton

12. During the Second World War, the Germans were not supposed to bomb Brighton because Hitler wanted the Royal Pavilion as his seaside home.

facts about brighton

13Sir Winston Churchill went to school in Hove in 1883.

facts about brighton

14George Everest, Surveyor-General of India and the man after whom the highest mountain in the world is named is buried in Hove.

facts about brighton

15. 8,000,000 people visit Brighton every year with 6,500,000 people visiting as day trippers.

16.  There are approximately 614,600,000 pebbles along the 6 miles of beach – we’re still waiting for them to be counted though…

facts about brighton

17. Brighton has been voted as one of the Top 10 Seaside City Breaks in the World.

18. Over 40% of Brighton & Hove is declared as National Park.
facts about brighton

19. Preston Park is home to Europe’s (possibly the world’s) oldest elm trees which are estimated to be around 400 years old.

facts about brighton

20. There are over 3,360 listed buildings and structures in Brighton & Hove.

facts about brighton

21. Brighton has been voted the foodie capital of Britain and is home to some of the countries best food festivals.

22. St Bartholomew’s Church, in the North Laine, is the tallest brick church in Europe and is actually built to the same dimensions as Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis.

facts about brighton

23. Brighton is home to the ‘mother of modern witchcraft‘, the Wiccan Dorren Valiente, who has her very own blue plaque.

facts about brighton

24. Palace Pier is the only top tourist attraction for foreigners in the UK top 10 outside London.

25. The current voice of the speaking clock is from Hove and her predecessor was from Brighton.

facts about brighton

26. There are 60,000 light bulbs on Brighton Pier.

facts about brighton

27. Over 50% of the States in America have at least one Brighton.

facts about brighton

28. Although there are many Brighton’s and Hove’s throughout the World, Adelaide, Australia is the only other place that has Brighton & Hove next to each other and is also on the coast.

facts about brighton

Call that a pier?

29. Sea Life Brighton is the oldest operating aquarium in the world.

facts about brighton

And the final immutable fact of Brighton life…

30. Brighton is the only place in Britain where you will rub shoulders with celebrities, drag queens, city bankers and hippies all within the same vicinity.

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  • Nic

    North Laine, not Laines.

  • dimwitt

    Lovely but LAINE… it means a meadow. The North Laine is not like The Lanes.

    • welovebrighton

      Whoops! Thanks for spotting that, fixed now!

  • Bertie

    The pier is correctly called the Palace Pier. The current owners changed it.

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  • MuzDiz

    The other thing you didn’t know about Brighton is that developers are really sinking their teeth in now, so expect it to fully resemble another London suburb in a few years, full of high-rise blocks of flats etc that will totally destroy its distinctive character.

    This isn’t an opinion, it is a fact. Check out the various planning decisions on development made recently and you will see the writing on the wall.