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Restore your inner balance at The Float Spa Hove

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Restore your inner balance with floatation the City’s first Float Spa!

The Float Spa Hove, located on Third Avenue, is home to 2 of the biggest floatation pods on the market along with a series of complementary therapies and a programme of workshops and classes.

But what is floating? Enter The Float Spa’s beautiful, modern venue in Hove just a stones throw from the beach and be welcomed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff then step into your specialised pod filled with water and Epsom Salts to help you float effortlessly. These pods combine the sensation of weightlessness with a lack of sound and light to focus the mind and promote relaxation and restoration. 

The Float Spa HoveAfter your session is over enjoy a post-float sorbet and some tea whilst you sit, relax and reflect and if you are ready to talk you can share your experience.

Floatation is one of the most unique, powerful and most of all enjoyable tools at combatting a range of conditions. Floatation essentially “resets” the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance whilst accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strain. The many benefits of floatation have been proven for over 50 years and it has also been know to help with weight loss, stress reduction, athletic performance and pregnancy tension.

Owner Camille is passionate about floatation, she set up The Float Spa after a stressful period in her own life which resulted in PTSD. Floatation was recommended to her and after experiencing it a few times she improved dramatically and wanted to spread the word about it’s healing powers. Camille noticed that there were no floatation centres in Brighton or Hove and so The Float Spa was born!

In Camille’s own words

I wanted to give others what I had found – the most perfect treatment; after I found floating I was able to take a whole new perspective on life, think more positively, I was able to look inside and find the things that bothered me and learn how to change them, the result is I am happier than ever” Camille Pierson

A review from a regular customer –

As someone with serious joint problems I was willing to try absolutely anything. I was apprehensive at first, having never heard of these float pods before but after three floats I am completely hooked! On my first float I found it difficult to relax as an hour to myself is so rare being a mum of two little ones but by the second float I was able to completely let go and even found myself drifting off at times.  It takes away the pressure on my joints and totally de-stresses me, it is total bliss.  The added benefits of a lemon water on arrival and homemade sorbet and tea after your float are those little extra touches that makes it feel like a real treat.

Floatation isn’t all that’s on offer at The Float Spa despite it’s name! Enjoy a series of complementary therapies designed to work together with floatation to provide a fulfilling experience for body and mind:

The Float Spa Hove – Therapies including meditation, eating psychology, Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Massage, Naturopathy and Satvik Energy Therapy.

 – Workshops including Mindfulness, Desire Mapping, Reducing Anxiety and Stress and Meditation for Busy Minds.

 – Classes – From the 20th of April The Float Spa’s beautiful, light relaxation studio will become home to a range of around 15 classes featuring Yoga, Pilates and Garuda (a combination of the two).

Find out more about The Float Spa and make a booking on the links below –

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