Sea Life Centre Brighton

Sea Life Centre Brighton

Published On January 16, 2015 | By Colin Wreth | Must dos

Brighton Sea Life Centre
Marine Parade

Visit the oldest operating aquarium in the world full of beautiful Victorian architecture. Discover a magical underwater world from the coastline to the depths of the ocean filled with a dazzling array of amazing creatures. Every step will reveal something new, from a face to face encounter with sharks to a hands-on rockpool experience.

Experience the UK’s first glass bottom boat, introduced in 2010, and enjoy a unique snorkeller’s eye view of the huge turtles Lulu and Jersey, the shiver of tropical sharks and shoals of colourful reef fish.

Or why not take a behind the scenes tour, an interactive experience which will immerse you into the working world of the aquarium where you will be shown how life support, filtration and water quality systems work, how food is prepared for the animals, plus breeding and research areas.

Explore the Rainforest in the newest exhibit, Rainforest Adventure, and discover the fascinating, beautiful and sometimes dangerous animals that live there. Feel the soft floor under your feet and breathe in the earthy smells as you explore and discover the Anaconda, Water Dragons, Poison Dart Frogs, Piranha and group of rescued terrapins.

Free talks and feeds are available throughout the day to learn about the creatures and how you can help Sea Life with their conservation efforts.

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