64 Degrees

Published On January 23, 2014 | By We Love Brighton | New Places

53 Meeting House Lane

64 Degrees is the brand new social dining hotspot set in the Lanes in Brighton created by chef and owner Michael Bremner.

The philosophy is that the food rules and the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and the chefs are its lifeblood and centre of all the action.

Gone are the traditional and rigid starter, main and dessert and instead at 64 Degrees all the dishes are served on smaller plates, so you can try several, share and almost create your own tasting menu. What is lost on size is more than made up in quality and flavour.

The chefs create, plate and relocate their dishes to the eagerly expectant and eclectic mix of diners.

The modern looking kitchen is full of gadgets from water baths and a dehydrator to the induction range and plancha. 64 Degrees want like-minded chefs to eat, enjoy and be infused by this form of ‘social bar dining’.

The only gas on show is from the fiery flames of a blowtorch used to its full potential gazing diners can witness the splendour for themselves as beautifully cured Sussex mackerel is blistered to produce a charred BBQ tasting delight.

64 Degrees to us means precision. In the literal sense it is a cooking temperature, but it is also about the way they execute things. The great quality dishes are modern and have an extremely high technical standard but simple and above all else accessible.

Diners can gather at the pass and look into the melting pot of the kitchen as the chefs prepare their meal. Where else in Town can you get this close to the action!?

The chefs literally have nowhere to hide. It is time for you to find them.



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