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41 Meeting House Lane

What Happens at B.Y.O.C…
Stays at B.Y.O.C 

Nestled discreetly in Brighton’s South Laine is the unique drinking nirvana that is B.Y.O.C (Bring Your Own Cocktail). Walking into the innocent looking ‘Juice People’ bar you could be fooled into thinking you had taken a wrong turn. How very ‘wrong’ you would be! For past the swing doors and down the stairs is the elusive drinking hole that is B.Y.O.C. The concept is easy, you bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and the talented mixologists will make cocktails catered to your taste. You pay a set entrance fee of £20, safe in the knowledge that no more expenses are required! No menu. No limits. No telling.

Through the doors, you’ll be transported back to a time where alcohol was forbidden and all drinking had to be done under cover of dark. Wheeling an antique drinks trolley from table to table, the skilled mixologist will blend the alcohol of your choice with a comprehensive selection of fresh syrups and bitters, pressed fruit and vegetable juices, spices and herbs to create individual drinks with your personal taste in mind. This secret drinking den is a bustling world of candlelit tables, hanging glass ware and vintage décor.

Only those in the know are found at B.Y.O.C, to the uninitiated it is simply a juice bar in Brighton. For those looking for a unique retreat from modern stress this is the perfect place to hide from the world and enjoy a bespoke drink that may never be replicated. Staying true to its prohibition roots “what happens at B.Y.O.C. stays at B.Y.O.C.”. This is a safe haven for the discreet social butterflies out there looking to enjoy a dark corner with a swell partner!

Now you know the secret to this mysterious drinking venue what you do with that knowledge is up to you.

Booking is preferred through the website here: byoc.co.uk/brighton



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