Moe’s @ The Circus

Published On February 7, 2014 | By We Love Brighton | New Places

1 Clyde Road

Moe’s is a return to the old reason for a coffee house to exist.

A coffeehouse may share some of the same characteristics of a bar or restaurant, but from a cultural standpoint, we largely serve as a centre of social interaction, providing social members with a place to congregate, talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups of two or three people, often acting as an informal club for its regular members.

We focus on serving great coffee, with a welcoming smile, along with tasty rustic snacks and cakes. Open 7 days a week and till 10pm weekdays, offering free wi-fi, power points and chill out music, you can relax and stay connected either by chatting to the person your with or to the outside world on your device.

Opening Times:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 4pm


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