Shuffle Bar and Kitchen

Published On March 19, 2014 | By We Love Brighton | New Places

27 York Place
East Sussex

Unique cocktail bar & kitchen Shuffles into Brighton

Shuffle, a unique new cocktail bar and kitchen concept which literally puts music in the hands of it guests, pressed play at 27 York Place , Brighton on Friday 14th February 2014.

Shuffle offers drinkers and diners the opportunity to select their evening’s soundtrack.

Shuffle’s jukebox, accessible via smartphones and mobile devices, allows guests to digitally select their favourite tracks to be played throughout the evening.

At Shuffle, every guest is a DJ at the perfect house party.

Two years in the concocting, Shuffle is the exciting brainchild of former World Flair Cocktail Championship Finalist Paul Mason, who commented:

“We want Shuffle to be a place where pretentions are left at the door, people forget their worries and have a great time. As well as an exciting way to listen to music, we also want to put the enjoyment back into drinking cocktails. For too long, cocktails have been about the ‘mixologist’ and not about the drinker. At Shuffle we deliver a massive selection of wonderfully delicious cocktails, prepared quickly and effortlessly so our guests can get back to their party rather than standing at a bar for 20 minutes.”

Shuffle’s bar proposition is simple: over 100 cocktails plus bottled beers, wine and champagne. Food is offered by way of the awesome Shuffle Skewers, gourmet burgers, hot dogs (all locally sourced) and French Fries.


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