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Published On June 26, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Reviews

“terror as the finest emotion,
and so I will try to
terrorize the reader.

Stephen King

For those who like to be scared out of their wits a new attraction has arrived to Brighton: Fear! It is a brand new horror house in Brighton, just a stone’s throw from churchill square, in the heart of the city in an old inhabited nightclub. But the Grade II building was originally the Swan Downer School for poor girls, for whom it was designed and built in 1867 and its gothic appearance, designed and built by George Somers Leigh Clark, makes this creepy location ideal. It is steeped in history, rife with old wives tales, and rumours of mysterious and unexplained goings on

We’ve been invited to attend on the 1st of June the first opening preview.

The building looks perfect from the outside with a massive pair of eyes staring down from the second floor.
I decided to attend the preview on my own for one reason: naively I wasn’t afraid but excited by the idea of the experience, probably because I’ve never been in a proper scare house as this one.
So for those of you brave enough to enter, prepare yourself to embark on a journey of pure terror, with specialist actors, zombies and freaks lurking in the dark looking for unexpected victims. I think sometimes our nervous system requires periodic revving so we need to feed it.

“Fear is primarily an emotional experience.  Indeed, horror houses are largely defined by the emotions they attempt to elicit from audiences: terror, dread, anxiety, agitation, unease, revulsion.”

After I found the main entrance which is located round the side of the building I was invited to go in a room upstairs and wait for my turn. A monk entertained me until it was my time to go in, he gave me advice and all the warnings needed.
As soon as I got in I was surrounded by screams and lights flashing; it was the beginning of the most claustrophobic and dreaded 10 min of my friday lunchtime.

The rooms and corridors are very tight and compact and the freaks are able to get very close to you and it is IMPORTANT to keep in your mind: they can touch you but you can’t touch them. From zombie to filthy hospital bed with splatters of blood across it and the cellar floor; that was definitely the scariest part in the entire experience.

The last two freaks made me “shit my pants”, they don’t scream or talk they just stare, follow and shock you. I think I bumped into 5 characters in total, some were outside promoting the new attraction. FEAR is a fully themed and decorated live action horror maze designed to take you on a dark and nervous journey through the entire building.
The main design was pieced together by the skilled team Siga Creative FX, and the accouracy is clear throughout the show.

Even if you are aware; the scare factor is all in your head, you can’t help it, you’ll be scared and frightened throughout the entire journey making you think that on every corner there is something waiting for you…

I have to say.. My heart will likely be pounding a bit harder in the next weeks.

NB: Sadly this Venue has now closed down.

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