Bar Valentino -Brightons Best Kept Secret…

Published On July 28, 2011 | By We Love Brighton | Food & Drink Reviews

7 New Road

My friend and I were traipsing about town when we decided to try and find somewhere to rest after a hard day of job hunting and shopping. Both of us were feeling a little despondent and tired, so when my friend suggested to check out a little bar that she had discovered through her love of cocktails I obediently followed her.

I was taken to New Street and past the Theatre Royal to a non-descript and small staircase through an open door. Very little was advertised apart from a small sign with the name ‘Bar Valentino’ on. I must have walked past this at least a hundred times in my life, but never noticed it.

We walked up the stairs to a tiny bar, lined with leather sofas and mirrors, with one extremely experienced cocktail waitress burning lemon peel and lining glasses at some amazing speed.  It was far busier than I expected and after browsing the two pages of cocktails I decided on my first drink titled ‘Bourbon Smash’ – a delicious concoction of Makers Mark, raspberry puree, mint and sugar piled with ice.  My friend chose a ridiculously strong, but equally amazing short cocktail consisting of Grey Goose Vodka, Elderflower and lemon served in a Martini glass.

We took the drinks out to the balcony for a cigarette and a people watching session.   The whole time I was in Valentino, I was amazed that not more people knew about it. To the point I almost didn’t write this review because I don’t want other people knowing about what I feel was an amazingly kept secret!   Go between 5pm-7pm Sun-Thurs for 2-4-1 cocktails, trust me, its AMAZING value for money (about £3.50 a cocktail in happy hour). Just DON’T tell all your friends!

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