“beautifully presented…fresh and delicious” Sushimania Review

Published On June 5, 2014 | By Jacquie Myers | Food & Drink Reviews

15-17 Middle Street

Visited: Thursday 22nd May 2014

sushi2I’m a huge fan of Japanese food, especially sushi, though when I was asked to review Sushimania for WLB, I was a little apprehensive because a) I’d never heard of it and b) the name made it sound like a huge chain (anything with ‘mania’ on the end can’t be good – can it?)

First impressions were good; all decked out in black, grey and red, it looked smart and classy and the huge room was busy, mostly with Japanese customersvery promising.

We ordered some drinks (my iced green tea was cold and a generous size too) and settled in to try and decide where to begin.

The ordering system can be confusing, but is OK once you’ve got your head round it. You can order individual dishes from the a la carte menu or you can go for the amazing value ‘All You Can Eat’ option, a bargain at £15.80. There’s a separate menu for this as not everything is included in the offer, but there’s more than enough choice with over 100 dishes. You can select up to six dishes at a time and keep ordering until you’re ready to explode (don’t over order though because you’ll be charged the a la carte price if there’s too much waste).

So after our lovely smiley waiter took our first order, within minutes we were tucking into salmon sashimi, tamago nigiri and grilled eel nigiri all of which were beautifully presented and tasted fresh and delicious.

We asked for some recommendations and the waiter was happy to help, suggesting the grilled aubergine with misowhich I practically inhaled – some prawn katsu and chicken gyoza, both of which were hot, crispy and light and some spinach salad with sesame dressing.

beefWe finished the meal with some yellow tail sashimi then went off piste for the spicy dragon roll uramaki, which was wonderful though not really spicy. I’d recommend having a look at the menu or website for photos of their dishes if you’re unsure what something is, but the waiters are all so helpful, they’ll be more than happy to explain it to you. We were way too stuffed to order any rice or noodles, though we did have the beef skewers or gyu kushiyaki, which were marinated in a sweet soy and were a lovely meaty contrast to all the fish.

Service was fairly quick, despite them being very busy. Some of the tables were a little cramped with barely enough space between them to squeeze through and they seemed to have quite a large area by the front counter that was being used to put together takeaway orders. I think it would be best used to space out the tables a little more. I could hardly gripe about this though, I had a really great experience and am hungry again after writing this up.

They have a MASSIVE menu and I clearly need to return to try their a la carte dishes, especially the ramen (they have more than 30 noodle dishes on the menu!) and I’ve already added this to my list of regular go-to eating places.

They also do takeaway, which includes a loyalty scheme, AND the a la carte dishes are half price at lunchtime and after 10pm.

Apart from the name, Sushimania gets a huge thumbs up from me.


0333 33 20 222

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