Bill’s: a restaurant with a vintage atmosphere

Published On August 7, 2012 | By We Love Brighton | Food & Drink Reviews

Bill’s is a cafe, restaurant and store known for its hidden character and individuality; which complements Brighton’s charming style. Situated on North Road, accompanied by an ever-changing menu of unusual break, lunch and dinner dishes, it is rare to see this place not full of customers.

History: The idea for Bill’s originated when the founder, Bill Collison, was given a small shed off the high street in Lewes by his dad, with the intensions for his son to make something out of it. Bill used his knowledge of fruit and veg to set up the shed as a tiny greengrocers. Little did they know, that this creation would soon develop and become a successful store and cafe eventually expanding to multiple locations.

Ambience & Atmosphere: The restaurant displays a rustic and vintage atmosphere, with a consistent high customer service provided from the staff. It is decorated in the style of a traditional produce store with all the products displayed around the restaurant. The unique products are also available for sale, varying from jams to cloudy lemonade. Raffia of all colours hang form the walls, in between the continuous menu and recipes written on chalk boards throughout the restaurant.

Food: The popular breakfast menu includes dishes such as the famous fried breakfast, french toast and eggs benedict. The main dishes vary from the classic Bill’s hamburger to the perfectly seasoned thai green prawn curry. To finish off the meal, take a look at the full dessert menu, including the warm chocolate brownie and lemon meringue pie cheesecake. The drink menus include an american inspired drink; a pink lemonade and vanilla ice cream float. As expected, it will be difficult to pick between the vast tasty options, which means you will just have to return and keep trying more. The prices of the dishes vary from £4-£8 for a breakfast dish and £8-£15 for a main meal; these reasonable prices make Bill’s even more appealing.

After you have tasted the freshly prepared dishes, you will be intrigued as to how they make them, however, with Bill’s generosity of displaying the recipes on his website, you will never have to guess the secret ingredients. With the recipes separated into each season; treat your friends with Bill’s mouthwatering halloumi burgers or special winter sticky toffee pudding.

Now with a store in several locations including; Cambridge, Covent Garden and Reading, this simply highlights its growing success. To see what all the fuss is about, head down to Bill’s on North Road to experience the warm welcome and delicious dishes.

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Written by Bethany Potter

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