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No Chips Please! Jamie’s Italian Brighton Review

Published On October 17, 2014 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

Helen Mary is on the hunt for great kids’ menus that buck the chicken nugget trend. She’ll be taking her children on a tour of Brighton’s eateries every month to find the best in kids cuisine. This month she tested the kid’s menu at Jamie’s Italian Brighton.

Jamie’s Italian
11 Black Lion Street

Several years ago I had some pretty awful food in a different branch of Jamie’s Italian and I haven’t been back since so my expectations for our lunch in Brighton were very low.

On entering the restaurant we were greeted by friendly staff and shown to our seats at a booth.  The décor is fun and stylish and the environment was relaxed.  The kids menu we were given had colouring on the back and the children, (we are back to two as my son is on holiday), were given crayons too.  As well as this, they were given a version of the ‘view master’ which certainly took me back to my childhood. The kids had never seen one before but loved looking at the pictures of the kids options on there. I thought this was a fantastic and unique idea.

The children started with their usual apple juice and my son opted for the ‘puppy dog’ which was herby, organic sausages served in soft rolls with tomato relish & baked wedges.  My daughter chose the ‘curly wurly pasta bake’, which was homemade pasta & organic tomato sauce, baked with crunchy breadcrumbs.  There were quite a few options on the menu so there would definitely be something to make everyone’s little ones happy.  We did have to wait quite a long time for our food and they might want to consider bringing out the kids meals as soon as they are ready, to stop kids getting too bored.  However, I must say that when the food did arrive it was beautifully presented. Both meals came with little pots of salad and while I thought they were a great idea, the kids didn’t unfortunately as they don’t like dressing.  I do think this would be great for older children though.

The puppy dog and wedges were polished off very quickly. The sausages were lovely and meaty and came with a fresh sweet tomato relish on top. The pasta bake was full of flavour, really tasty but perhaps just a little bit over cooked.  The presentation of the meals really appealed to the kids and they were easy for them to eat as they were given little cutlery which isn’t always the case in many restaurants.  The menu options weren’t exotic or particularly original but the rich ‘grown up’ flavours and appealing presentation certainly made up for that.

For dessert you can have fruit or ice-cream. My daughter had chocolate ice-cream which she wasn’t willing to share, says it all really, and when I explained that my son is lactose intolerant, we were immediately offered alternatives and he had mango sorbet which was deliciously refreshing.

My overall experience at Jamie’s Italian was actually wonderful and it is a real shame that one bad experience kept me away for so long.  The main course with fresh juice is £5.95 and dessert is 50p on top, so it’s great value for money.  I will certainly be taking the kids back there very soon.


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