No Chips Please! Terre a Terre Review

Published On March 5, 2014 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

Helen Mary is on the hunt for great kids’ menus that buck the chicken nugget trend. She’ll be taking her children on a tour of Brighton’s eateries every month to find the best in kids cuisine. This month she visits Terre a Terre. _______________________________________________________________________________

This month the kids and I visited Terre a Terre on East Street. I have to admit, that it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I approached the restaurant, for several reasons. One was the fact that it was a vegetarian restaurant and I personally haven’t had many great experiences with vegetarian restaurants (forgetting the children for a moment) but mainly because the children are not that adventurous with food. I was worried that the options here might be a little too exotic for them. As we were seated by a friendly member of staff and I was given the menu, I realised that I really had nothing to worry about. The kids menu looked fabulous, was pretty vast and had lots of different options for most of the meals. Although I had things with me to entertain the kids (for instances where boredom turns to naughtiness), they were not needed as we were given Wikki Stix. These are amazing, hard to describe but they certainly kept them entertained for the duration of our stay.

I don’t normally order a starter for the kids but I loved the idea of the ‘Little Crudités’. They came beautifully presented with fresh guacamole, focaccia and olives and were a definite winner, in fact I think they would have been happy with just this. For their main course I ordered the ‘Tiny Weeny Linguine’ with the tomato sauce option and the ‘Potato Rosti’ again with the tomato sauce option. The kids loved both of them and the tomato sauce was full of flavour but the portions were huge, far too big for such little ones especially after they had polished off most of the generous starter. The best part for me about Terre a Terre was actually being able to order my ‘lactose free’ son something other than fruit for dessert as there were vegan options. I did order the ‘Fruity Plate’ (mothers’ guilt about healthy eating!) but also the ‘Double Dip Donut Straws with Chocolate Sauce’ and shared them between the two of them. I don’t think I have ever seen the kids so happy, there was not a scrap left on their plates (funny how there is always room for dessert!). The fruit was fresh and ripe and the donut and chocolate sauce was really delicious.

Overall I would highly recommend taking your children to Terre a Terre. It is not the cheapest kids’ meal out there (ours was £22.05 including one starter, two mains, two desserts and two drinks however there were slightly cheaper options) but worth every penny in my view. Staff were attentive, the meals all looked very appealing and there was a nice warm atmosphere. We will definitely be visiting again very soon.

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